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Anyone got any Kha, or Elise builds they would like to share?

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Sense the new patch came out, i've been looking for some nice items for my Jungle Kha'Zix, and my middle/top Elise.

Anyone got any nice builds they could share with me, and everyone viewing this thread?

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Well my new build for elise is i follow the recommended build up untili get all the essentials then from there i build a maldy to support her spider form and depending on enemy team comp i build the appropriate resistance and my last item is usally a giants belt or some kind of health item a rod of ages etc, so i cant live longer in a fight, ive had great success with it, although ive lost my games because my teammates lost their lane early and fell behind, im not ranked yet (if that kind of thing matters to you) but this is the build that i have been dominating with

Edit, for teir three boots i get the plus 15 movespeed so my spider form can keep up with low health targets

i usally initiate with my stun, then i "w,q" at that point their around half to 1/3 hp, if im feeling confident in my damage i switch to spider form immedatly after my combo "e" to them press my "w" to get some maldy procs and then my "q" can one hit them to dead, or almost kill them enough for an ignite to finish