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Draft stage player kicks???

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Junior Member


So the other day i was playing well and having a good time, in ranked, and we had everyone picked but the support, so we had assumed the last guy who has not said anything yet would fill the role, and then he picks Mord, and note we already have a mid, and he said "can't play support so i will just afk..."
...Really, come on.
So i was thinking, why not just have it in those 15 seconds or whatever you get after the picking/banning stage, have a "vote to kick" option were you can get the player kicked out of the que and have you're que reset, instead of me being good guy greg, dodging the bull ****, and having to wait 45 minuets cuz i don't want to get trolled and lose another game!
Really try to help me out guys!

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I agree with this. So many trolls so that you either have to dodge and wait or play a horrible game.