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Pre Season Patch Bugs: Bug splats, can't see items, dc, etc.

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I recently updated my client and decided to play today, but I was afflicted with so many bugs that the game is unplayable so far.

First, when I started up the client, I went into queue but someone left and I was redirected to the lobby. However, my mouse was hovering over Rammus in the selection queue so when I went back into lobby, his splash art just stayed there on the right side of the screen and I couldn't close it or anything. I couldn't even look at my list of friends because Rammus was just staring into my soul, unmoving like the devil he is.

When I finally got into a normal, non ranked game, I came across even more bugs.

I noticed that I could buy items, but when I bought them, they didn't appear in my inventory slot. So it looked like I had bought no items. Also, I had bug splats appear in the background so I almost couldn't see what I was buying.

When I pressed tab or if I tried to chat, there were bug splats that prevented me from seeing more than half of my screen, including what I was typing.

It was like taking LSD while you're doing geometry problems and then you finding yourself being raped by multiple colorful polygons.

What was even worse was that around 3 minutes into the game, it would disconnect me for about a minute and then reconnect me. Then after around 20 seconds, it would disconnect me again. This went on for twenty minutes, at which point, my team surrendered.

I hope this helps show some of the bugs that are currently afflicting LoL clients that have patched.

P.S. The new masteries are pretty sweet and I liked what you guys did with the shop

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these same issues are occurring for me, changing various in game video options did not seem to help either