Detailed Liandry's Torment Analysis

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When I heard that Riot was releasing an item that would burn a % of health upon spell cast, I was really excited and thought it would solve the problems relating to AP champions versing bruisers and tanks; when it was released and I tried it out, I was a little bit disappointed. Granted, its still a good item and gives me a reason to buy the haunting guise now, I don't think it's living up to it's full potential.

PROBLEMS: Right now, I see the Liandry's torment as being an extremely niche item with limited uses to limited champions. It's at best a decent poke/initiator tool, with the active serving almost no purpose to 80% of champions 80% percent of the time and being completely OP the other 20%. Burning current health % with double % if the enemy is slowed is a very overpowered concept for abilities like teemo's mushrooms, Amumu/Singed/Mundo's toggle abilities, poke abilities like oriannas q/w combo, and any dps champion + a rylais, however, it serves almost no purpose to burst champions like leblanc, kassadin, annie, ect who will burst down almost all of an enemy's health from full HP, or mages who don't build a rylais and don't have an ability with a built in slow. If you do the math, if an enemy is at 500 health, 5% is 25 damage and 10% is 50 damage, thus, burning current health gets more and more useless the more damage your spells actually do.

Now maybe this is what Riot was intending, a very niche item, but I feel like it would be more balanced with some minor tweaks, but right now, the way the item works is so confusing and I still don't think many people fully understand it. Does it apply %damage before or after spell damage? Does it have stacks? How often does it tick? What if a spell without a slow is cast after a spell with a slow, which % applies? Overall, I just don't like the item concept. I feel it could be made a lot more simple, useful, and less niche with a few changes.

CHANGES: Now I know that Riot was trying to avoid bringing the blackfire torch into summoners rift, but I feel the item should lean more towards that direction. I think to balance it out, the item should cost a little bit more, deal %MAX health instead of current, and deal less of a %. I also think it should have stacks up to a maximum amount to avoid confusion, and the whole "percent being doubled if they are slowed" thing should just be removed.

***I PROPOSE that the Liandry's Torment should cost around 3200 with the price increase coming from the recipe item. It should keep the same base stats of 200 health, 70 ability power, and 15 mpen. It should deal 3% max health over 3 seconds per stack up to a maximum of 5 stacks. The active will NOT be applied by toggle abilities and passive abilities (singed poison/amumu crying/teemo poison, jax ult, ect ect..) but only by activated abilities that deal magic damage. AOE and DoT abilities will count as 1 stack on each person hit and will still work for 3 seconds. Essentially, 1 ability = 1 stack, and the stack lasts 3 seconds. This removes all the confusion with how often the active refreshes, how much damage does it do before refreshing, ect ect. I find my proposition to be MUCH more effective, simple, easy to understand, useful, and less niche. 3% max health might be a bit too high, but 2% sounded a bit low, maybe 2.5 if it's not too much math? The blackfire torch burns 3.5% so 3% shouldn't be too high... I think these changes would make the item far more useful on all mages and not just dps casters with a rylais or poke abilities at the beginning of the fight.


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I like Liandry's Torment the way that it is. The advantage it gives comes from the Haunting Guise. The HG is a really good early/mid game item that was a dead end build. Now LT provides something to do with it later, so it gets more use. LT also synergizes with champs that run off of %. eg KogMaw and Elise.