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[Volibear] Please help a Bear Player Adjust

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I've found myself struggling to find a proper build path for Volibear with the new Season. Without the regen found in S2, and the ease at which you could increase health/resistances, I find myself diminishing quickly through Mid Game, and struggling to make it towards late.

Additionally, I feel forced to jungle with Voli in 5s due to the lack of sustain outside of the passive.

So, I ask what has worked for others with the new patch, either in the Jungle or elsewhere. I'm also open for ideas on 3s.

The current build I've been toying with for Jungle has been...

Machete+Pots>Spirit Stone>T1/T2 Boots >T2 Boots/Nega/Kindle/Chain Vest>etc etc

End result looking something like:

Spirit Stone
Spirit Visage
Iceborn Gauntlet

While I can get resistances through a variety of the other items, I feel that it is really hard to get suitable resistances AND health, typically finding myself getting resistance early and topping out health later - which hurts my team in fights throughout mid.

Any thoughts?

(Old Voli Build)

Misc Tank Depending on Team

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You're taking the wrong approach to Volibear completely.

Originally Volibear could build:
Boots/Warmongs/Atmas/FoN for his sustain items
then Atmas was pretty badly nerfed in S2

So he went from supertank to an Attack Speed Support Tank
Boots/Black Celaver/Wits End/FoN/Warmongs/Frozen Mallet

Now the best build I've found for him is Taking the S2 Riot reccomended Rengar Runes, pairing them with 0/29/1 (Recall)
Then building:
Boots>Recurve>Giants Belt>Wits End>Warmongs>Stinger>Zephyr>Avarice Blade>Atmas>Spirit Visage
(Boots/ Wits End/ Warmongs/ Zephyr/ Atmas/ Spirit Visage)

This utilizes Every thing Volibear needs to amplify his toolkit, Armor, Sustain, DAMAGE, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed.

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Sooo, now that I can actually log back into the forums...an update!

I tracked down a suggested route/build from 2 Tr1ck G, and I've had considerable success with it.

31% Aspeed
Armor Runes

E, W, Q, R>W>E>Q

Start Boots x3 Pot
Get extra damage on wraiths from mid/bot
Get extra damage on red from mid/bot
Don't use smite on Red, use your passive heal if you have to
As you finish red, blow all 3 pots
Immediately go to blue, smite/kill
Gank lane or invade, or both

I've found that with the current state of S3 Jungle, constant ganking is the only way to go. Find a lane and farm the champion. If you can't get ganks off, you'll be suffering a lot.

Boots > Phage > Emblem/Aegis > Mallet > Bulwark > Dynamic tank items based on team