Constant lag? Ive got a sorta fix :P

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Vallidus Rex



Someone mentioned this and it seems to be working for me, not perfect but a lot less lag...

1. Fire up LoL, switch server ex: I normally do NA so switch to EU, then hit play

2. Close LoL and switch back

Seems to cut down on the lag and rubberbanding a TON at least for me, could definitly be coincedence but I had very little trouble after trying it, tho i hear u have to redo it every 3-4 matches, i do it every couple, dont wanna suffer thru 1 match of bs, before i did it played an entire dominion where i was playing normally MAYBE 10% of the time, rest was bouncing all over, and attempting to reconnect messages..

if this works feel free to gift me an xmas skin or at least have fun playing a somewhat normal match... still had a little lag, but wasnt that big a deal, seemed everyone else was too at the time, would hit a small spike, then everyone was scattering after i came out, and usually was only a few seconds, maybe 5 tops...

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Mr Murphy

Junior Member


Testing this now, will confirm if it works soon.