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I hate the new update!!!!!!

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Nah jk jk I love the new HuD update and really appreciate what you've done.

The only bad thing is this new art for LeBlanc and Master Yi.
I like the Mordekiser one.

Now let me separate my argument from my opinion. Why on earth did you change the default LeBlanc art without changing the default skin of LeBlanc? The art looks absolutely amazing and I was extremely dissapointed to see that she was completely unchanged.

Also Why are you mixing art styles? The styles look completely different and may give players a similar feeling to mine where the champion looks off from the way they actually look in game. The sharpness in some of these art styles is too much in comparison to the game. I'm all for art re works but don't replace things that just aren't necessary.

Have community votes on which arts you would like to be revamped Lets say you want to re design ryze,teemo,ashe,ww, and kayle. Have a vote on which ones the community wants most so you don't waste your time and money

You know what for starters, why don't you replace that Tango Eve & Shadow Eve skin art. It looks odd in comparison to her default skin which stops people from going out and buying RP. Make it as appealing as possible but don't just change skins one by one and have the others look horrible in comparison. A Lot of the splash art is the first glimpse of what the skin may look like.

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Agreed, the new HUD is awesome! I am usually the kind of person who complains when interfaces get changed, but this was a really nice change.

Personally, I like the new Master Yi quite a bit. I am not a huge fan of LeBlanc or Brand, but I don't play those guys anyways.