xChan's Preseason 3 Hide and Seek rules! :D

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Everyone has their own set of rules for Hide and Seek here in the League. These are mine, and everyone's rules differ in varying ways. So, please read them.

After every game, I will judge who is fun to play with, or adhered to my rules, or whatnot. And I will create another lobby with a similar name and hopefully you'll join. I will ban everyone who enters and trolls or blatantly breaks my rules. This is in hopes of finding a great group to play this fun game with. ^^

This is my prototype set of rules for the preseason. My old rules are relatively set in stone, but I'm a little iffy with a few of my new rules. So, feel free to leave criticism if you want. Coming here and just saying "This sucks/OP seekers/OP hiders" is about as useful as feces on a road.

--------Generic Rules--------

Map is always the Crystal Scar.
ALL Champions are allowed. You ban who you ban during the team select (Cause it's draft)
Either team may only use the Oracle's Elixir upon or after the 15 minute mark.
I'm sure both teams would feel the need to castrate you mentally if you even dared to capture a point during Hide and Seek.
Only one Frozen Mallet or Entropy or Rylais Crystal Scepter or Iceborn Gauntlet per team
Only one Twin Shadows per team

---------Seeker Rules---------

Seekers start the game at the 2 minute mark.
There are 2 seekers.
Seekers have 40 minutes* to kill each hider 5 times.
Seekers must go back to base when they reach 200 HP or lower. This goes up by 100 every 15 minutes.
All other items are allowed.
Clairvoyance is not allowed.
No spawn-camping! Give the recently deceased some time to hide (35 seconds)
Please don't attack hiders that are already out**.
If the seekers fail their goal, they must surrender.

---------Hider Rules---------

NO AP/AD building!! Other than Youmuu's Ghost Blade, Frozen Mallet/Entropy, Rylais Crystal Scepter or Zephyr.
No Guardian Angel.
No Sunfire Capes either. We are just hiding after all, not tanks trying to get some damage in.
No Trinity Force. Phantom Dancers are cheaper anyway.
No multiple phages. Only the one that will be built into a Frozen Mallet.
No Statikk Shiv - It promotes autoattacks, which isn't what hiders do.
Hiders may only use their CC abilities.
Hiders may also use specific abilities that grant vision.***
Do not attack a seeker who is going back while at critical health
Each hider only has 5 lives, these are lost by execution/death or killing a seeker.
Hiders may not return to base.
If a hider disconnected or left and died during that time, the death still counts.
If a hider reconnects after 35 minutes, they are considered to have lost.
If all hiders have lost their 5 lives, they must surrender.

---------Other rules---------

*Time may be extended due to rule breaking or disconnects. -Ask the host!-
**You may attack defeated hiders if and only if they did something more than auto attack you during their typing. Ex: Chasing seekers, using skills, being in the Fog of War, etc.
***Ask me what skills are allowed before you just start spamming Lux's ult or something(Which isn't allowed).
Defeated Hiders may not interrupt the game in any way. (No helping others, no chasing seekers, no attacking seekers, no capturing, etc.)
Defeated hiders may not enter the fog of war unless they are only getting the speed boost and running back out.


People tend to get confused about the whole deal with -1 to lives or not. Hopefully, this list will help.

If the seeker is at fault - The death didn't count.
If the hider is at fault - The hider gets a -1.

Sometimes there are accidents that happen, like accidental kills or whatnot. Those are debatable, and have to be a confirmed accident by either the host or the rest of the players.

----Ask your host!----

Hiders may give any amount of their remaining lives to team-mates. This is rather controversial, and there are limitations to this. Ask your host prior to doing so. This rule is mainly for the hiders that disconnect or have to leave.
If a seeker disconnects, the entire hiding team either gets -1 or -2 lives. Depending on how well the seeking team did; it also depends on the time the other seeker disconnected.

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Please do not post this kind of material in the forum dedicated to support of Dominion as a competitive game mode

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Dominion is where Hide and Seek takes place. Figured it'd fit the "DOMINION" section of the forums.

But, Hide and Seek is not competitive, or ever will be. Sorry that it might have seemed otherwise. This is just another game mode that is purely for fun in the custom game section of the game.