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[Champion Concept] Buki, The

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Stormfront Rider

Junior Member


(passive) Ancient Scavenger - As Buki moves he forages for useful things. Gains (resource energer?) as you walk around to consume for normal ranged attacks and Buredo o senkai. Possibility of finding foraged materials (roughly 7ish% chance maybe?) that can be consumed for health (heals for a % of your maximum health?) Can not normally attack when you run out of pebbles.

(q) Buredo o senkai - (costs pebbles, no cooldown) Throws a folding fan. As it whirls around it released pebbles that damage foes in its path.

(W) Graple Hook - set an ancher mark at which you throw your graple hook. If the hook Hits a champion before it anchors it is returned and only slight damage is done putting this ability on a 1/4 cooldown. If it reaches the ancher point the graple hook will wrap around the point slinging back toward the user, if it hits a champion while in this arch, it will pull the champion back launching them backwards past the ancher point.

(E) Kami bakudan kunai - Throws a simple kunai with a paper attatched. Explodes on impact ingulfing the enemies in the blast radius with fire. Does damage over 8 seconds.

(Ultimate) kusarigama - Using his fabled chained hammer sickle he launches the sickle at the target causing bleed damage and pulling the target toward himself. Activate a second time for him to slam the ground in front of him with the hammer causing massive damage and stunning the target and knocking them back a short distance. The closer the champion is to the center of impact the more damage is dealt, the further away from the center the champion is, the further they are knocked back. (damage decreases greatly with little distance from the center.)

Story: Little is known about Buki. His name explains what is also known as rumor. The Weapon. It is rumored that he was once used as a great weapon against ancient armies. Able to leave large paths of destruction with his fans and exotic weapons. His main weapon being very prehistoric, but effective with his training in accuracy. When aproached in combat you may not think much of his sling and pebbles, but be weary of his vast array of weapons. It is said that if you see him wielding his hammer and sickle, the likely-hood of you living to the next day is very slim. Some called him the weapons master of greed, because it was said he would help only the highest bidder. His background is covered in mystery and his origins unknown. You could easily speculate that he is from the ancient Kuroda clan from the kamon (emblem on his hood and mask). No one living has ever seen his face.

Personal opinion: I thought the concept of having pebbles as the resource would make this character interesting, forcing him to move constantly during battle. Instead of cooldowns i figured that you would have to build up X ammount of pebbles to use abilities, and when you used abilities that did not use pebbles it drops the pebbles in hand and resets you to 0. As you level maybe he picks up multiple pebbles at a time and could possibly upgrade with each purchase of his ultimate. (Pebbles, Rocks, Boulders) and possibly change the graphic/damage of basic attacks with each upgrade. This would be a complex character to play strategically but also could be played with simple knowledge of the character. This is just a concept and would really like feedback on what you think.