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Install sheild wizard not responding.

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So i built a new computer, and got windows 8 with it (telling you this because that is what might be wrong). I'm an avid player of league and so the first thing i did was install it, had a few issues, but got it installed and working.
A few days ago, however, i login, get in qeue and im at load screen when all of a sudden im stuck on 100% load screen and can't actually play (a few friends told me it said i was connected) even tho i couldn't play).
so i found how to solve the issue, had to delete a folder and when i opened league it reinstalled it etc but i'd have to do this very single game i wanted to play on! so i thought i'll delete it and install it again. BIGGG MISTAKE.
i download it and my 3gb worth of files are all good, then my steup comes along, the instal sheild wizard comes up, and says modify, repair, uninstall?
ni have tried clicking all 3, but the setup just doesn't load and then freezes. i can't uninstall, can't install, can't anything.
please help me figure somethign it's really bugging me. sorry this post was so long.