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Server Busy. Can't Login.

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Been trying to login for hours. Read up on all of the Wrenchmen's Toolbox tips, and tried literally EVERYTHING. Read a bunch of threads on these forums. This problem only started today, but there have been people having the same problem for weeks, months even.

Here's a weird thing though:

Click on EUW, then EUNE, then NA. For EUW, there's a black screen with green letters "Login Queue Available", but for the other two, the link doesn't work, or isn't responding.

Are the servers down? Or am I just crazy?

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naw man, im having the same issue, been trying for hours, submitted a ticket, looked at the toolbox / wrench tips, followed everything but nothing =/

im going nuts, season 3 patch, played yesterday and was so much fun

totally siked and this happens =/! no ones been able to help me and im getting the same issue

lets hang in there and hope someone will be able to help us soon, before we (do somethin bad) :P