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In short, I received a 7 day suspension and I received 2 reports in 2 games. This is my first suspension, and game 1, the report was because I "KS'd him as Vayne." The second was because I told someone the sucked. I understand that is unacceptable, but neither of these deserve that many days suspension. 1-3 at most, but no more. Now if you want more description, read below:


So I just got suspended 7 days, yes 7 days. This is my first suspension, and basically, I only received one report...
Can someone explain to me how this is I got a 7 day suspension for this?
After reviewing both games, I don't believe this even deserves a single day of suspension... This is pathetic. I just spent $50 too...
Here is the proof: I'll give you my score, chat log, and whatever else is needed for you to determine if this is fair.

Only 2 games popped up under the review case, and game 1 I didn't do anything... Literally:

Game 1:
I played: Vayne
My Score: 6/3/3
My Summoners: Ignite/Ghost
Reported For: No reason given
^ Basically Jarvan was mad that I "KS'd him" so he reported me.

My Chat:
Vayne [All] [00:00:12] Did anyone's mains just get suspended for no reason?
Vayne [00:00:35] For real?
Vayne [00:00:43] did you get an email?
Vayne [00:00:52] I didn't get one
Vayne [00:00:59] So
Vayne [00:01:02] I have no reason
Vayne [00:01:04] to be suspended
Amumu [00:01:09] jarvan isnt bot -__-
Vayne [00:01:15] its fine
Vayne [00:01:16] its level 10
Jarvan IV [00:01:26] i'll go top
Vayne [00:01:27] no
Vayne [00:01:28] J4
Vayne [00:01:29] stay
Vayne [00:01:32] zzz
Vayne [00:01:35] mumu is top
Vayne [00:01:37] come bot
Jarvan IV [00:01:42] you said i'm a top
Vayne [00:01:45] no
Vayne [00:01:46] I said stay
Vayne [00:02:03] I'll help you out
Jarvan IV [00:07:14] and my minion kill
Jarvan IV [00:07:20] then i'm going top
Jarvan IV [00:07:27] i'm not going to get assists the whole game
Jarvan IV [00:07:32] i'm a fighter
Vayne [00:07:35] They won't give you kills either
Vayne [00:07:36] idiot
Vayne [00:08:21] Im last hitting
Vayne [00:08:23] and attacking
Vayne [00:08:25] champions
Vayne [00:08:27] aka
Vayne [00:08:30] my job
Amumu [00:08:32] vayne is adc
Vayne [00:08:42] 30
Vayne [00:08:50] no awy
Vayne [00:08:55] nope
Vayne [00:09:06] He isn't 30
Vayne [00:09:09] Doesn't even know how to play
Vayne [00:09:10] xD
Vayne [00:10:44] mumu
Vayne [00:10:47] just put him on ignore
Jarvan IV [00:11:17] and another ks
Vayne [00:11:22] How is that a KS?
Jarvan IV [00:11:23] go solo bot then
Vayne [00:11:24] I did 10x more damage
Vayne [00:11:25] then you
Vayne [00:11:28] np
Vayne [00:11:33] I'll do better without you
Vayne [00:11:37] I pinned
Vayne [00:11:39] him into the wall
Vayne [00:11:50] Lol
Vayne [00:11:50] k
Jarvan IV [00:11:56] fck you're mom
Vayne [00:11:58] Im just putting him on ignore
Jarvan IV [00:13:03] ks agian
Vayne [00:13:07] lolol
Vayne [00:13:26] he called KS
Vayne [00:13:27] on Sion
Vayne [00:13:36] Im amused
Vayne [00:14:08] ****
Amumu [00:14:08] fck
Vayne [00:14:13] xD
Vayne [00:14:17] gj
Jarvan IV [All] [00:14:20] sion is innocent
Vayne [All] [00:14:25] for what?
Amumu [00:14:27] same
Amumu [00:14:40] im guessing jv said report
Vayne [All] [00:14:43] report me for "KSing his kills and farm"
Vayne [00:14:44] yeah
Vayne [All] [00:14:51] ?
Jarvan IV [All] [00:14:56] and vayne takes every kill i get
Vayne [All] [00:14:57] zzzz
Amumu [All] [00:14:58] vayne didnt say anything
Vayne [All] [00:15:06] He didnt
Jarvan IV [All] [00:15:07] he said fck you
Vayne [All] [00:15:14] no he didnt
Vayne [All] [00:15:15] lololol
Vayne [00:16:01] lolol
Vayne [All] [00:16:37] shut up dude
Vayne [All] [00:16:39] they dont care
Vayne [00:19:50] going b
Vayne [00:19:51] care
Vayne [00:19:55] gj
Vayne [00:20:14] I got it
Vayne [00:20:15] not hi
Amumu [00:20:38] vayne top
Vayne [00:20:40] Maybe I can get this guy to level 30 in 14 days
Vayne [00:21:54] nice
Vayne [00:22:01] Its ight
Amumu [00:22:01] i ulted to save youu
Vayne [00:22:06] its fine
Vayne [00:22:08] 2 for 1
Vayne [All] [00:24:04] lol
Vayne [All] [00:24:07] Like sona users xD
Vayne [All] [00:24:50] ggg
Sion [All] [00:24:50] gg
Vayne [00:24:52] honor for all.

So basically right there is my chat along with a few things people said before so that it didn't get confused in the same conversation. If you notice, not once did I use a curse word towards anyone. I said the f word a single time (when Amumu did too) when I think we both got caught out. He said something about "fck my mom" and I didn't respond at all about it. I think I called him an idiot maybe once. But that is all...

Now for Game 2 I do agree I was a little bit more negative in attitude as well as my typing, but once again, nothing as harsh enough to grab me a 7 day punishment...

Game 2:
I played: Akali
My Score: 20/10/7
My Summoners: Ignite/Ghost
Reported For: Stuff like my team sucks and they don't help.

My Chat:
Akali [00:08:18] You suck
Akali [All] [00:08:25] well gg
Akali [All] [00:08:29] Nothing like baiting people in
Akali [All] [00:08:34] then pushes the lane
Akali [All] [00:08:36] zzzz
Akali [All] [00:08:41] only 13 more days
Akali [All] [00:08:45] until my account is unsuspended. I didn't even do anything, I received no email...
Akali [00:11:00] lmfao
Akali [00:11:08] we lost
^ Volibear is now like 4/0 at 11 minutes, bot was feeding.
Varus [00:11:45] wtf
Varus [00:11:50] he had like 10 health
Varus [00:11:54] screw valibear
Akali [All] [00:13:58] so ****ing fed
Garen [00:14:35] gj
Ryze [00:15:58] gj akali
Akali [All] [00:16:34] 4 people
Akali [All] [00:16:36] couldnt kill
Akali [All] [00:16:37] voli
Akali [All] [00:19:59] how the ****
Akali [All] [00:20:01] did you see me
Akali [All] [00:22:03] how the ****?
Akali [All] [00:24:06] Push middle please
Akali [All] [00:24:11] My team sucks and won't surrender
Akali [All] [00:27:01] LOL
Akali [All] [00:27:16] Reported?
Akali [All] [00:28:38] this team is the best

And that was all for game 2.... So I said a few times that the team sucks, I was very frustrated and fed up with the fact that they were feeding Voli, he was like 7/0 by 15 minutes. I used the f word 2 times I believe, and not once was it directed at someone, it was a question because I placed my shroud down (w) and was close to the turret. Apparently I was under the range of it so they gained vision of me, then cleaned me up when I thought I was hidden. So I said that.

Half of you guys probably don't care, but I'm just VERY CURIOUS as to how it is I achieved a 7 day suspension when:
1) This is my first suspension
2) I didn't feed/troll
3) I didn't flame anyone (terribly)
4) The first report meant nothing