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League Keeps Opening New Windows/Tabs of My Default Web Browser ( I CAN NOT PLAY!!!)

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hey forums, first let me say that this issue is by far the most frustrating thing I have experienced in a long while. Here is the support ticket Ive entered. Im hoping maybe one of you has dealt with this before or has heard of it.

Hello there,
I'm experiencing a serious issue with League. essentially what's happening is once I am in a game of League, it keeps opening new windows or tabs of my current default browser. (EX. New windows for chrome, but new tabs for opera when I uninstalled Chrome and tried Opera instead).
tHis wouldn't be an issue except I am also "Alt-Tabbed" out of my game every single time it occurs, and it occurs a LOT. (see attached image). this literally means that I am alt tabbed out of league for approx 2 full secs because thats how long it takes me to try n return, usually to little avail because I am alt tabbed out again by another new window.

characteristics of this ssue.
1. it is only my default browser that has new windows or tabs opened.
2. It occurs in seemingly random bursts.
3. It occurs very often. I mean OFTEN. see attached image. That was how many tabs were opened (and keep in mind, how many times I was taken out of game) in a 35 min bot game.
4. this started happening immediately after the Dec 4th Patch. (Yesterday)

here is what I have tried in order to fix this issue. (Not in chronological order though)
1. I have restarted league and my computer many times. This includes playing several games of league, either customs or bot games.
2. I have checked my firewall and even disabled it.
3. I have uninstalled Chrome which was the original browser I had issues on, but then found Chrome wasnt the issue because Opera experienced the same thing.
4. I have repaired League
5. I have done a forced repatch of League
6. I have change servers then changed back
7. I have done virus scans and found nothing
8. I have completely uninstalled League, restarted, then re installed League entirely, restarted, Patched, changed firewall settings again, and dropped to my knees and prayed to Tryndamere that this issue would be resolved after my nearly 4 hour quest to enjoy my favorite game again.
Alas, Tryndamere was not impressed and told me to "QQ more nub, no League for you" (in all seriousness this process sucked and solved nothing!)

Please Riot Support. I deplore you. Do not send me a cookie cutter response! Please help me

This issue does prevent me from playing. it is worse than lag, because with lag you atleast still can try to move and do actions. This is more like League getting shut down for full clutches of seconds.
Has ANYONE even heard of this? I would love to hear from you. Please help me!