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Free For All Map

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Almost every LoL player has had the idea at one point, "man, i wish there were more maps". Well last night I was drooling over the idea of a free for all map and I thought I would make a post on the forums to help surface the common idea. I've thought of some great ideas for the FFA, such as spike traps that pop up when a champion walks over them, fire traps that explode when you step on a switch or arrow traps that are set off if you pass a tripwire that pops up again every couple of minutes. I love in the TT map how you can aggro the spider boss and he does AOE damage which can possibly result in ganks. It is incredibly fun to aggro the spider for his pull to help close a gap, but this rarely happens. I would love to something like this in like a 9 player FFA map. One more idea, what about a death pit? A pit that champs like alistar or blitzcrank could exploit, pushing or pulling an enemy champ into the pit for a result. It would be pretty awesome if there were an old bridge across it that you could battle to the death on. I could see some tank or support champions having issues in a FFA, but I'm sure Riot could find a way to make them viable. Even if it were just a bruiser, assassin battle it would still be FRIGGIN AWESOME! I could also see there be less flaming in a FFA. I know alot of players in LoL are just sick of some of the things players say. I have been playing bots ( and working in tribunal)lately because I am so sick of hearing people put each other down sometimes for no reason. FFA would be a nice little change that would probably increase my LoL experience. (8D)