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Skin idea "Valkyrie Kayle"

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Well since i like Kayle and eventough i havent been picking her a lot lately i would love to see a new skin on her, and suddenly this idea came to my head and i was like "wow it would be real cool if they did it" . . . so maybe if it hasnt been posted yet, here it is how i think it would look like:

http://sp2.fotolog.com/photo/18/6/76...99688776_f.jpg (http://sp2.fotolog.com/photo/18/6/76/arcano_sama/1231599688776_f.jpg)

this is Valkyrie Randgris from Ragnarok Online, and i think it fits with Kayle because it goes around with its sword and bursting everything (Kayle's Q & E), if it has been posted already please lock this thread, but if not please consider the idea because my wallet would cry if it came out and i didnt buy it.

thanks, bye.