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JungleKai and Support Leona and Mundo S3

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Hi all
First of all sorry for my bad English,I'll try my best to write it correctly. Anyway as title says I need some advices of masteries about Jungle Maokai and Leona (support)

Maokai : before patch I was using 0/21/9 masteries, now what should I go with new masteries tree?! Still 0/21/9 or I should try something different?!

Leona : Leona was my main support on bot lane before patch I was using 1/15/14 masteries,what now?! I'm trying 0/21/9 focusing on health and mana regen, please help me!!!!

Mundo : At the moment I'm using 4/21/4 for laning/tank mundo, should I change something?!