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Idea for a new champion (support )

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Junior Member


I have idea to a new champion (support) only

but the design icant paint it and i have idea to do it

well let me show you the spells


slow attack with magic damge


ability power attack with -10% armor (in my taem +10%armor ) if thay buy more armor then

can use in this spell (100armor = 5%armor + or - ) done


slow attck with -15% magic resist ( in my team +15% ) if they buy more magic resist then

can use in this spell (any 80 magic resist = 5%magic resist + or - ) done


A circle anyone in circle get a slow and -30%armor and mgic resist ( in my team +30% armore and mgic resist ) done


we come now to the general form of the champion :-

I hope that the design will be in the form of a child

The greater the level of increased size like a normal human being

Heavier in age increased length and size and Dahrt his face

To become a wise or a magician


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Love Poisonous

Senior Member


Well.. it's skills are pretty repetitive and useless, any Soraka or Sona would be 100 times more pickable.. You should rework it's abilities to have a lil bit of variety and ways to help it's allies in other way..
Keep your mind open! ^w^

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