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Game Black Screens DURING Matches

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So I have a really killer problem I have tried to fix myself by Repairing my Client 3 Times, Updating my PC, AND Lowering Graphics. My Problem is that when I am in a Game pretty frequently my FPS will drop down from 12, which is playable, to 04. Which is not playable by any means, it then spikes down to 00 and 02 and then stays there. After a bit of time it will Lag up for a solid 2 Minutes everything will come back in at 04 FPS and then every single Wall, Tree, and other Barrier type Object on the Map will be gone, also my HUD Disappears with it and Blacks Out. Typically I would stick with the problem and just deal with it but there is physically no way for me to deal with that IN Game. So my Question to the League Community and Staff is this; How do I fix this, because it has caused my Account to be Suspended for Leaving/Idling in Games until December 05 2012. Which is today even though I STILL Can't Sign on. Also, when on any other PC or Laptop I do not Leave/Idle in Games.

UPDATE: I can not even get into the Loading Screen now, it brings my Client down and gives me the Option to Join Back to the Session in Progress. When I click this Button, nothing happens but the Client going away and popping back up with the EXACT SAME OPTION. THis is very very frustrating.