A solution to Yorick's problem.

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Well after reading Yorick's lore I honestly felt bad for the guy however a few moments later I noticed something was off. He didn't leave a heir, ending the Mori bloodline, and thus he was cursed to stay in the world as an undead and he isn't able to truly die no matter how long he spends digging graves. Has he tried... hmm... you know... sticking his shovel in a hole? Plowing the ground a little? Catch my drift?
I don't mean to be graphic but if he is cursed to stay as an undead since he didn't leave any heirs maybe leaving a heir would fix the problem. Sure he's a ****ing zombie but he's also a metal band member and he's ripped as **** (just look at those arms), I'm sure he'd be able to tap an edgy gothic groupie or something like that.

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Uh, I don't think that in his state he's able to... you know, ejaculate.

In fact, I don't even want to know.