Advice on Lulu support

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I'm at a hard crossroads here. I always go philo, boots, the new sight ward item, (sight zone? Lol) and then idk if I should get a reverie, or start investing in maybe a item that provides a little ap in it. I know I'm support and support items are key, but my all my wards keep my adc safe, I'm always buying a stack of 5 when I go back, and I feel some ap would do her great.

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I haven't played much with the newer items yet, but I think I can help you a bit...

Note: Forgive me, I did look up some info on LoLKing just to see how you are currently playing her. So correct me if I misunderstand your play style.

1. Lulu is significantly better with movement speed. Consider upgraded boots before Shurelya's. If you can't get close enough to use the active, then it is useless.

2. I'm guessing that you stay back in lane phase by placing pix on a minion then poking with glitterlance. Consider some armor runes so you can flash+ult in when your jungle comes.

3. Consider Kage's Lucky Pick if you want Ap. It provides Ap+gp10, builds into an item that has a nice active, gives a MS boost, and some MR. It is basically a reverse reverie except with a longer cooldown.

4. In case you didn't know... If you start with Glitterlance you and land 2-3 auto attacks before using Help, Pix!, then you should be able to hit them again with Glitterlance. Just remember using the shield/ whimsy is much more mana costly than Glitterlance. (with 6% cdr)