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Vindictus The Sinister Interrogator

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Vindictus is a melee mage that deals magic damage and % based damage. I am really tired just thought some lame post up. Deal with it XD

Health: 457 (+86)
Health Regen. 7(+0.85)
Mana 265 (+45)
Mana Regen. 6.5 (+0.7)
Range 125
Attack Damage 49 (+2.5)
Attack Speed. 0.658 (+3.5%)
Armor 8(+3)
Magic Res. (30)
Movment Speed 320

Passive: Anguish- Every 35 seconds vindictus implements a poison on his dirks, dealing a bonus 45/75/100 magic damage over 3 seconds. Available at levels 1/7/11

Q:Interrogate: Vindictus hurls one of his dirks dealing 45/70/90/110/145(+60% of AP).Once this Ability is activated vindictus gains the option to land a a second blow with his other dirk in a skillshot motion.If it hits the target suffers 55/85/100/120/165(+75% of AP)
Cooldown:9 seconds
Cost:60 mana

W: Pin: Vindictus Strikes down his dirks, pinning the enemy down for 1%/2%/3%/4%/5% (+1% for every 100 ability power) of their maximum health and snaring the opponent for 1.5 seconds.
Cooldown: 14 seconds
Cost:60/65/70/75/80 mana

E:Feed on their misery: Vindictus next attack when activated deals a bonus 60/80/120/150/170 magic damage(+35% of AP) when the enemy gets hit he gains a bonus 50% movement speed for 3 seconds. Upon kill or assist the cooldown is reduced by half.
Cooldown:17 seconds

Ultimate R: Old wounds: Vindictus reopens all wounds in a targeted area, the damage dealt is based on how much damage the enemies took in the past 5 seconds (but only a maximum of 30% damage can be dealt) Over the next 5 seconds. Every enemy hit also suffers, 3% 5% 10% of their max health over the next 5 seconds.(+1% per 120 AP).
Diameter of AOE:500
Cooldown 125/95/65
Cost: 90 mana
Range: 750

Give me feedback, dont write at 3 am when nothing comes to mind LOL

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General stats : They look all right to me.
Innate : This ain't good enough. Your passive will probably activate on minions all the time and, if not, it won't deal enough damage. Compare to Draven's passive (and even Draven's passive not strong enough), it deals similar damage but each time he crits/uses a spinning axe! You should :
a. Put a scaling ratio or something.
b. Reduce the CD.
Q : Activating the second part of the ability is free? Does it cost 60 additionnal mana?
W : Nice, thumbs up!
E : As this is Vindictus' only movement ability, I would not hesitate to reduce the CD to 10 seconds. It would give him good mobility, allowing him to chase more easily, and, as it doesn't deal so much damage, it would make it more potable.
R : This is great, though I wouldn't reduce the CD so dramatically (what about 125/105/85?).

Overall, good job. You've kept it short and sweet, but it's original anyway. Thumbs up!