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Teemo Guide [Season 3] ?

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Dimitri Rus

Junior Member


Item build?
Skill build?
Situational items?

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Junior Member


Played one game with Teemo since S3, I played top lane with AP masteries Picking up Spell Sword late and the Attack speed early. Also I played with AS Reds, Armor yellows, and AP blue/quints. I built into malady then Liandras Torment and began doing INSANE amounts of damage by level 10. They surrendered rapidly and I didnt get to Ruunan's Hurricane.

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Senior Member


Doing AP teemo. Rush a Nashor's for the CDR since it caps me out, then getting a liandra's since it stacks nicely with sorc boots. After that I've been going fairly normal deathcap/zhonya/void. Been trying to figure out if i can just ignore the void for the new malady, might throw that in there before deathcap.

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Junior Member


I usually start with Malady then Sorcerors, then get rabadan, then fiendish codex then rylais, build nashoers tooth, if the game isnt over by then which it usually is, liandry's torment. Outrageous damage, GG

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All Delete

Senior Member


As for me, Im still working on my pages.

But I start Dorans ring x2 (buy another on first back + 2 health pots)

Next back I rush Liandry's Torment or Rabadons Cap.

Once I get both of those I grab Berserker Boots or start to build into Nashors (depending on the situation/game play)

By now you should be dealing damage very well. Random mushroom placements should take out at least 1/3 to 1/2 an enemy champs health if theyre a bruiser or a squishy respectively. Usually close to 1/4th on pure tanks.

------------ (I usually dont get past this part on most of my games, win or lose)

By now if the games not over, if I need more health I pick up Rylais.

If I start getting focused, which most games I do, I work towards a Zhonyas. If I dont I top it off with a Mejais.


With skills, its dependent on the enemy champ of who I may go up against. If I go against non gap closers/bruiser tops, then I take Q first for the harass and denied farm. If its with gap closers I tend to go with E first. From my experience gap closers like to hit and run, with E even if they hit and run, Ill come out on top of the exchange due to dots and initial hits during the exchange itself.

For me when I play defensively or with a good team I dont take W until around level 7. But when youre with a team where bot or mid goes 0/5 in <10 minutes, youre going to have to take an early W cause you know that pre 6, with that situation, a gank is inevitable.

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Junior Member


Does Liandry's passive work with toxic shot? I read that it doesn't (by all means correct me if that's wrong)

Or are you guys just taking it for the AP and Magic Pen?

Feel free to critique (not flame) me for it, as I don't consider myself a higher tier player... but here's my build:

boots/hp potsx3
boots based on lane situation
Malady (Tome before daggers)
Nashors (Usually make Stinger first)
Rabadons (I try to save for the Large Rod first)
Guinsoos Rageblade (I've been toying with this, it doesn't seem like the Life Steal and Vamp is working out too well for me though.)
Hurricane (When I read that this little guy applies on hit affects I almost crapped myself.)

Flat Magic Pen Reds
Flat AP Yellows (Change these to health or armor or something? That's chump change AP it seems.)
Flat AP Blues
Move Speed Quints (Considering changing these to Flat AP now that I've saved up some IP)

I prioritize E over all, then W, then R, then Q. I think this is where most would disagree with me. Maybe I'm worrying about it too much, but I'm afraid if I don't take that extra bit of speed that I'm going to get destroyed.