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[User Interface] - Few Missed Details / Feedback.

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shop uI is way too big and space inefficient

that's my only gripe
it shouldnt take 2/3 my screen

on some resolutions it's nearly twice the size as the old shop without presenting more information even in the thumbnail view

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The number of charges that Crystalline Flask has is displayed on a buff on top of the center hud bar. It's a weird edge case, but all the items that use the "charges" keyword like statikk shiv are at least consistent in how they display charges. (If there's an item that is not, let me know) There is probably a better way to handle it, but we have a lot of other things to focus on at the moment.

We're working on making the scoreboard and shop more readable and size friendly.

I'm hoping that you are working on making it a bit more condensed and not just making it so that a user can make it bigger/smaller to their liking.
As it stands now-- it is HUGE...as many people have pointed out. It covers up most of my screen and that's NOT good.

Overall, the aesthetics are okay. I really think the whole thing could stand to be condensed a bit. This would not only make it smaller, but fix what feels to be some wasted space. I also don't like the idea of having to scroll in the shop. I'd rather take an extra click or two to switch screens then have to scroll around through recommended items and such.

Overall, I also feel like it could stand to be more streamlined/proportionate/symmetrical.

Another option besides reducing size could be to add transparency-- so that you could still see what was going on behind your shop window/tab. I'd still like it downsized first, though.

While I don't completely hate the shop/tab, I do feel like it still needs a bit of work. Size primarily, following by spacing/ layout tweaks.