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Hi, ok i dont post on the forums very often but this i think is an occasion to post on the forum.. Ok the Uni Hud. I like a lot. The market took some time to learn but i love it No problems there. In fact this UI update was extremely needed and good job on the designers.

My Problem is with what you did with the items..

Force Of nature - gone? Bad idea.. lack of magic Resist items makes Mages Completely dominant..

Heart of gold - At first i didnt care. but when i started to play shen I releasing I needed Heart of gold for when play shen, what about all those people that don't use mana? Like Shen, Renek, Garen... and so on, also the support characters .. heart of gold was a very necessary Item for a lot of characters. it needs to be brought back immediately..

Vampiric sceptor - Price increase? i dont like it.. and was a bad idea.. it should stay at 475 gold to how it was.. Another bad idea put it back the way it was

Aegis Of Legion - Major Nerf on that.. Really bad idea. to kill the Aura that gives all alies in radius bonus ad damage. thats support characters main item..

Guardian Angel - You keep nerfing this and nerfing this but you don't need to. keep it the way it was before. It didn't need to be nerfed it wasn't Op.

Black Cleaver - This change isn't that bad but people are saying its too powerful which it kinda is.

You said in your Patch Preview u don't want to mess with peoples builds. But guess what you did and a lot of peoples builds and some items are pretty useless now like Aegis of Legion. you need to go back to the way it was and i think a lot of people would agree or have already stated about these changes.

Sorry but this needed to be said.

- Kioth

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Okay, so what I got from your entire post (which actually did NOT need to be said in as many words) was that you don't like any of the changes they made that extremely shifted the meta.

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Yuan Shikai

Senior Member


Aegis STILL is insanely strong, it was the single most cost efficient item in the game and it still gives vastly more stats thanks to the aura than you acvtually pay for.

Plenty of new MR items got introduced in place of Force of Nature, the new Spirit Visage, Mercurial Scimitar and the new Upgrade to Aegis, Runic Bulwark, which has 4900 GOLD worth of stats in the aura alone if your team is close.

Vampiric scepter had a price increase cause it now build out of longsword, so you can legitimately take LS first and then build it into VS.

heart of Gold was never SUPPOSED to be for top champs, it was supposed to be for supports and Riot regarded it being good on practically every top abusive, so they removed it. Renek and Garen where never champs to build it on anyways and Garen and Shen both are very powerful champs which don't need it while Renek should be build with damage anyways.

Guardian Angel might have been nerfed in general, but thatw as reasonable as it was built like EVERY game, if people got the money and it actually got a buff to it's ressurection aprt where high health champs revive with MORE health.