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how many people have this issue?

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So this is pre season and it doesn't really count for anything but i would like to see how many people are having the same issue in the ranked que. at around the 1200 elo which is low i understand. I cant for the life of me get out of it, not due to making baller plays or good teamwork. It's due to people starting the match and afking out from the start. Why they dont leave the game in champ selection is beyond me. Today in a ranked game i had a person saying he was soo addicted to the game he wants to be banned. Everyone on our team was really nice and said they would play anything so it wasnt because he did not get a spot that he wanted. So he got tele and smite at the start we thought he was just trolling and would change his spells around. He didn't and rand to the enemy tower died 8-10 times in the first 8-10 mins of the game. Then we all decided since he fed their mid so bad we would try and salvage by getting the gold bonus. We all converged mid and he sniped the kill for the gold bonus, Took our blue and said free blue top and ran up there and died. Somehow we ended up winning the game with a 4v5 and a player who base dove the whole game. Played another game and we had no afkers and was a good fought out match to the end. We came up strong late game and took it. The third match had a afker at start and dced out after selecting his champ so YAY! another 4v5, bot ended up feeding and left so now it was 2v5, i was 1-0 top only lvl 5. How is it possible to get your elo up when i have to start here. I just dont understand how it's suppose to be "competitive" when your either fighting 4v5. Sorry if i rambled on there, just would like to know how many people are getting the same issues in the solo/duo que. I dont feel like Riot can do anything to stop this, it's not really their fault some players do this. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this or get rating up i would love to hear from you.

Thanks for taking time to read this and hopefully someone can help me out

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Carry your ass off from mid Duo que out with someone... This season alone moving out from 1260 lowest ive been was a pain, but I que'd with a buddy normally spent 30+ minutes in char select because of trolls. Then in game carried the living piss out of it. 20-2 31-3 14-0 i mean, That was both of us... Then we 2v5'd GG. Just gotta do it that way.