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New Champion Art; Nice to look at but bad to play with.

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Enemy Minion

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I really like the new art for Yi and Brand, but the high detail and dynamic poses don't translate very well to a 10-20px icon on the minimap. (This applies to several new splash arts.) I'll look down and wonder what that yellow and white blob is, and I'll have to do a mental process-of-elimination thing to arrive at "Yi has the yellow and white art so it's him."

I'm not saying it's game breaking but that extra few milliseconds of "Huh?" while glancing at the map gets to be frustrating.

If it were me, I would make a new set of icons for just for the minimap. Simple vector images that boil the champion to it's most iconic features. Like these below only not total ****.



I'd like to see if other people are having readability issues or if it's just me.

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I absolutely agree with this.
especially with the female champions, unreasonably long locks of hair, and giant **** always look extremely stupid and blob-like in the minimap!