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Do Capture Points need to be looked at?

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Do Capture Points need to be changed, edited, or some how looked at? Let's get a capture point thread going.

Here's a quick list of three things that we can discuss if you don't know where to start.:

1) The quest
Can we change this around and make it different?

My idea for the quest: There should be some kind of algorithm* in place to make the quests feel a lot more like a "quest" and a lot less of a "oh it's time to do this now".
Instead of always being limited to an adjacent capture point, they should be spread out across the area. Having both mids be quest points, or the top and one of the bottom points be a quest could be very interesting. It would draw out some new strategies as well as making the game even more dynamic.

Another idea, you should have to own both capture points to complete a quest. If you owned one, but then it goes neutral, you should have to get it back before the quest is complete.

Maybe even add some different buffs, like a defensive or speed bonus instead of only damage.

2) Capture Time
Is the time too short, too long, or just right?

I've only noticed minor bugs with this system, I personally believe that the capture times are pretty good.
About the minor bug I noticed: If a player begins to capture a point the exact moment an ally stops his channel on the capture the first player doesn't have to "cast" his channel and begins to immediately drain/restore HP onto the point.

3) Garrison
Should Garrison be changed to be less powerful defensively and more powerful offensively?

My opinion on this is that defensive garrison is much stronger than offensive garrison and that some things should be changed so they're more "equal" in power.
Defense pros: Stops capture, adds splash damage (you have a point in revive, you automatically get one in Garrison), restores health of the capture point, increase attack speed.
Offensive pros: Reduced damage.

*I'm not sure how possible this is, but maybe even take into account the champions picked, the items they have, and position they are currently at on the map to help decide where to make the quests.