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[Major] If you flip the in-game mini-map position, the chat will stop displaying

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cF Dawgy

Senior Member


If you check the "Flip Mini-Map" box under more options, the chat box will stop displaying for the duration of that game. You can still press enter and type in it, and you teammates will still see what you type, and forfeiting still goes through... but you cannot see it displayed on your screen, for the chat box is completely gone. You cannot see your other teammates' messages, or other in-game messages, such as dragon kills or killstreak rewards.

If you start another game, it should work fine again, unless you check (or un-check) that box again. I wanted to return the minimap back to the other side of my screen after I died because I couldn't click on a portion of the in-game screen to run away from a gank (lol).

I think the chat box comes back if you flip it back to the original position where it was when the game itself started, and then it will go away again if you flip it back to the other side...

It'd be nice to not have to restart my client to get that change to go through successfully.

Attached is a dxdiag file, if that has anything to do with the problem.

I run the game on pretty much max settings with v-sync on.

I will follow this thread if more information about the issue is required. Thank you.

*EDIT* This bug was ALSO happening with the chat box BEFORE the Season 3 patch. Hope that helps!

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cF Dawgy

Senior Member


I actually figured out why this was happening.

Apparently when you flip the mini-map, the in-game chat ALSO flips in the opposite direction the map does (I think)...

So what was effectively happening was my map was being flipped to the other side of the screen, but because I adjusted my chat box to the side of my screen the map was on, it was being flipped outside of the region I could see inside on my screen.

Is it possible there can be a fix for this?

I like having my map on opposite sides depending on whether I'm blue or purple (I'm weird that way).