My complaints on the new HUD

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I would be okay with the new look, even though it doesn't look very good, if the shop: A: didn't drop my fps by 20 when i opened it, (dafuq?) or B: If it didn't look like a clone of HON only twice as inefficient. The point of a shop is to be user friendly, tediously going through all the lists is not only annoying but bogs down the game.

An easy solution would be to allow us to chose to go back to the old HUD

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besides the shop hud

The New commands Hud is horrible, and everyone i talk to agrees. Its just Too big....I actually went into my resolution to see if it was reset after patch because the HUD gives you that feeling lol.

I haven't had time to comment on other changes, but the HUD immediate bounced out at me in a bad way. MY thought are that the designers of the game play on such a huge display, possibly projector screens? so the HUD would be Ideal for that use, BUT for the Average user its a slap in the face. I have a 22" screen and the HUD is just massive lol.

Please make it sleeker, smaller. Thankyou!!!