Honest feedback on the UI

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Teriyaki God

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First let me say that I appreciate all of the work Riot does. You guys have given us a lot and you did it for free. The following might have been mentioned in previous posts, but I want to give personal feedback on the UI.

Lots of games in the past have undergone visual improvements and players tend to hate them at first, but they end up getting used to them later. This is not the case for the current UI. Its intrusive, I have a hard time concentrating on the game due to how bright the ivory color is. The old UI was great, it was dark, and when you scale it down, its like you don't even know its there unless you need to look at the minimap or whatnot. I do like the way the shop is now, however I have the same problem with the border. Its just too hard to concentrate when it feels like you have someones high beams pointed directly at your face. My suggestion is to give us the option to use the classic UI we all love. I know most companies never revert on, "improvements", but I beg you, give us the option to use the old UI. Other then the shop, there is nothing to improve about it.