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On Health Regen

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So, it appears that with the new itemization, there is now no item in Dominion that gives more than 15 regen per 5. It may be that most people aren't building this much, but since most of my normal build on Leona just got removed from the game, I thought I'd just see what there was as equivalents. Nothing.

Here's my build (before changes):
Warden's mail
-usually end of game-

Before you complain that my build sucks, let me explain. I would just stick to people, taking very little damage, and sunfire is extremely effective (I did the math - it's better than a blasting wand in terms of damage, and its other stats I want) at wearing them down. I was >1600 before JabeBot got removed, and have won a large portion of my Leona games since then.

Looking at the new items, I note:
For MR, all that was gained that's in any way good for me is Runic Bulwark. However, it's really expensive because a lot of the cost is paying for the aura. Twin Shadows - I can already stick to people forever. And crucible is all about the mana, which I don't need. Maybe FoN was too good. But I don't have any viable options now for MR except maybe Odyn's veil, where, again, I'm paying a lot for the passive.

For regen, I've lost 25 from randuins and 40+1.75% max HP from FoN. In the new items, all there is for regen is ravenous hydra (completely offensive weapon) and Crystalline Flask (which might not be that bad, but I still can't stick around for long periods of time any more). Oh, there's also Banner of Command, but once again, most of the expense is in stats I don't need at all.

Any hints on how to still build something that doesn't suck?