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Wukong Lovers I need help

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New items list and items are BOUND to mean new items and new ways to get them. SO tell me, what should I do about the few blind spots that are missing. I used this build for zed, and i figured it would be great for wukong. So let me know.

Boots 3 pots
?????? (where ruby crystal used to be)
?????? (where HEART OF GOLD used to be)
Blood thirster
Frozen Mallet
Last Whisper
Gaurding Angle

And throw Gunblad somewhere in that mess.

I chose that order because with the tons of dmg, getting tanky could hold back a bit. But now i have a problem as to what to fill the gap in heart of gold. Philo sounds good, seeing as Wu uses mana and Zed doesn't. But I still need to know if this build would even work for wu.

Keep in mind I have my AD runes and new masteries set. Any ideas on how to increase my lane dominance? Fought a garen today, shredded me. I'm new a Wu so it might just mean I'm bad or doing something wrong.

Oh and tell me, how long did it take you guys to MASTER Wukong?

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It took me awhile to learn how to wu because early game is all about playing smart&passive while still poking. (I max Q first and poke with that) I would definitely build a maw towards late game since it works great with your ult. However, I haven't had much chance to experiment with new items. My main build is frozen mallet and brut. If I am getting zoned ill buy a philo stone and build that into a reverie to increase my speed to initiate. I mainly build mallet brut maw and GA.