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Orianna's Reflection

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Calling Clouds

Senior Member


Hi everyone!
Just wrote this short piece about Orianna for the heck of it. I love feedback so leave a comment if you like!

Orianna sat silently. her metallic body offering no movement, no sound. The Ball sat patiently cradled in her arms, waiting for the time she would awaken; it had grown use to these episodes that now appeared to come more and more frequently, Orianna, however, had not. She heard things. Voices, pleading, screaming, begging her to realize the truth. And only after listening to these voices for so long did she realize something; they were her own.

And yet they sounded so living. So sweet, so blissfully innocent, something that could not possibly come from the cold, hard metal shell that surrounded her. She hated that shell, and yet she had not known anything different, or had she...? Yes. Something. Something warm, and soft and breathing. Something that blanketed her rather than encased, Something that, one way or another, she had lost, and still could not remember where it had gone. Perhaps she could try to find it? Perhaps if she looked hard and long enough, and searched the earth she could be reunited. Whole. "Yes", she thought, "together again. And then I can be....happy."

The Ball, sensing her thoughts, examined the lifeless construct with an expression that could only be described as pity. For the man who had remade his daughter had locked the secrets of her life within the ball.