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Why doesn't Riot help Soraka?

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Soraka needs buffs.

Her Q takes forever to stack, with minimal effect, and often gets her likely to be killed, as well as her allies out of her passive.

The heal on her W is outclassed by other champions, like Sona or Taric, or even more by Nidalee, etc., especially since their heals also scale better, and Kage is now a more popular gp10. The only thing to boast about is the massive armour boost, but considering the heal's a massive part of her kit, it's not enough.

Her E is the only thing that's really great, because of mana regeneration and that silence.

And her R is great overall, but, doesn't make up for the rest of her kit, especially as Soraka can't solo lane very well, leading to the waste of that great AP ratio.

I personally recommend a CDR for Q, just to get some utility out of it, and so that Soraka is capable of farming solo lane. She is incapable of solo lane right now because every mid can either smack her face and tell her to go away or push so hard that Soraka can't farm at all. And she's terribly at farming under her turret, so buffing her Q will help a lot.

Her W needs CDR. 10 was too low, 20's way too high. Keep it at 15. This helps her heal from being outclassed by anyone else with a heal, but still makes sure that massive armour buff is used only once in a teamfight. Mana cost should be scaled up to something like 120/140/160/180/200, so Sorakas can't abuse their W too much early on as a support, as W is literally her only mana use. Since E is free, and who exactly uses Q again?

Her E and her R are fine. I would like to recommend a buff on her E, but that 2.5sec silence is OP enough already. More CDR would cause some serious issues with balancing. And don't touch her R, for the love of god.

EDIT: Here's a sample recommendation for buffing her Q. Too lazy to do any more, but even this should help out a lot.

Q - Starcall
Proposed Values:
Cooldown - 1.75/1.75/1.75/1.75
Cost - 20/30/40/50/60
Damage - 50/65/80/95/110 (+40% AP)

Starcall is mediocre in both damage and utility. It does not deal enough damage, and takes too long for the debuff to stack to have an effect. The debuff while significant, also ignores that most magic damage is dealt upfront at initation, and cannot take advantage of it. It also requires Soraka to be close to the front lines to apply it to anyone other than the enemy tank, placing herself in danger, due to its short range. And Soraka is not Karthus.

Also, an aspect that largely hinders Soraka from solo-laning is her inability to trade and push effectively. This should help mitigate some of her problems by increasing her pushing power, and hopefully be able to farm under her turret more effectively.

Therefore, I recommend cooldown reduction, mana cost reduction, and base damage reduction. The proposed values would increase overall damage for an AP Soraka, as AP ratios are maintained, and help stack debuffs easier for more utility. It also helps steer Soraka away from a solely "Healer" champion by focusing on her other abilities which can provide utility and damage.

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What good is she for bot lane with lower magic resist?, maybe lower armor but magic resist is a waste. Shes probably useful if mid was kathus. Shes good at keeping your adc alive to farm indefinitely but not when its time to kill which is why I hate having her as support because I have to land the skill shots and damage but its never enough. Youd need a reckless adc to charge and hoping they have a bad support to win your lane.