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Camera angle

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This is a forum for "sights and sounds" and the camera is kind of like seeing, so I thought it fit best here. Hopefully someone will see this who can change it as this is my most hated thing about the game.
note: Those of you who play with an unlocked camera may be unable to understand.
Hello, as you probably guessed I do indeed play with my camera locked. I don't know why, but try as I might I am unable to play with it unlocked. I believe this is because for years I have played games that allow the movement of the camera angle and the focus on one person (me). The problem with leagues is that the camera angle is locked and although I have no problem with it being locked in position I wish it were a different one. I have no problems with it when playing as blue team as all the action is usually happening north of me. However, when I am on purple team I have a hard time seeing things south of me. This is a big problem because if they hide in my blind spots I can't tell where exactly they are and can't fire skill-shots. This is the biggest problem on skill-shot reliant champions like Nidalee(AP), Blitzcrank, Ezreal, Kogmaw(Although not a skill shot, his ult's range goes further than I can reach.) and many more. I would have, just a week ago, said that whatever, I will have to deal with it, but I have recently played the beta for another MOBA game (I won't say which because I don't want people to leave this game.) and the camera was able to spin using the Z and X keys. I thought this was amazing. I don't expect the ability to spin it 360°, but just having it seem like I was on blue team while on purple team would be amazing. It's bad to the point that I have much less fun when playing on purple team and I feel so free and light when on blue.
Please, please make this change. I will personally fly to your HQ and hug every single one of the LoL employees if you do this. I don't care if they were involved in the making of it or not, they will get a hug.