LoL Creepypasta - Dreamhack V2

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Hello everyone my name is Dustin and I played league of legends since beta. I say played because I quit the game and gaming in general after my experiences. My younger brother Jordan introduced me to the game and together we duo q'd up into what today would be Gold 2 or 3 possibly type Elo. Jordan and I would invite friends over and we would have some amazing nerdy Lan parties until Jordan moved away for college. As far as I know he quit playing league since S2 or so. Now it's late S3 and I get this email from Riot Games about this tournament for amateurs. It's a gold league tournament by Dreamhack. This felt like such an amazing opportunity to prove to people that I'm actually higher than gold material. I tried to get a hold of Jordan but got no replies, not that I'm surprised he's busy in college.

The email took me to the Dreamhack website, this seemed so legit. All we had to do was Put down our Highest elo, favorite champion and favorite role. I signed right up for this tournament. You get grouped with random players in same-ish elo and the winning team splits $500 Dollars in RP and even get old skins that have gone into the legendary vault. Finally a chance to get PAX Sivir, Striker Ezreal, etc. Sadly though it seems the tournament didn't happen.....I'm sure other people signed up for it but the event just never happened. This lead me to believe that it was cancelled or that I was just trolled. Eventually I just brushed it off but one night I just had the most terrifying dream. At first the dream seemed bad ass but it just escalated into a nightmare.

This dream started off with me actually being in League of Legends, on Summoners Rift. The scary thing is that it looked so real like being inside the game with the greatest graphics on earth. My team seemed to be Graves, Leona, Darius and Ryze. The enemy team was Twisted Fate, Nocturne, Kog'maw, Soraka and Renekton. It scared the hell out of me because I was in the game and I had very little vision of the map. I could see areas around me and in front of me and that was it. It was like real life.

I was amazed but then things got bad....I saw Kog'maw and took a look at Soraka. Something wasn't right all of the champions had pitch black guys like aliens. This believe it or not is a lot worse than seeing typical red eyes on something scary. Kog'maw was hideously real...drooling an acidic vomit. This scared me so much I woke quickly.

The next night I had the same damn dream again but this time it was a million times worse. I was in the bot lane and not even knowing what I was doing. None of them knew what they were doing. It seems people were just roaming mindlessly and doing random things. Things all changed when the sky went red and dark and I heard a loud hissing whisper, "DARKNESS!" I saw a black smog looking flash and soon I saw Nocturne. He flew into graves and unlike the game this was gruesome. His blades deep into Grave's body tore out his intestines and part of his ribs. As if Nocturne's passive proc'd he swayed his arms quickly splattering blood all over my face and the ground. He noticed me and raced towards me. He casted his fear and I could hear screaming and crying. I felt a real sensation of fear and pain and woke in a pool of sweat.

Finally on the third night I tried my best to stay awake but eventually drifted into a horrible sleep. I had the dream one more time and this is what finally ruined my life. As soon as the dream started I witnessed a team fight. It was horrible. I saw Darius split down the hideous reptile that was Renekton right in half. His spine coming out and his blood pouring out. It was hard to see after that as dust had built up but after a lot of flashing of light and dust clouds I only saw a massacre. the only one alive was Twisted Fate and what bothered me most was his name, "TfAir94" this name seemed odd, familiar maybe? no I don't think so. After that I felt sometihng new. I felt this unreal and horrible desire to kill him. I saw his health bar and it was low. I chased him and as he yellow carded me it felt like a knife in my side as it landed. He ran into the river and I made my chase.

Trying my best to catch up and finish him, I finally got close enough and used my ultimate. I looked down in the river to see my reflection. I saw blood pouring down from the mouth of the beast I am and have become. As I looked up I noticed in the jaws of Cho'gath was not Twisted Fate but Jordan....disemboweled, pale and dead.

I woke quickly and unable to sleep again. I spent the rest of the night and morning searching for similar occurrences to mine and spam calling Jordan. It was 3:00am why would he answer? I drifted to sleep only to wake to the most horrible news....Jordan was reported missing. Jordan was never found, what have I done? I knew deep down inside that I did this and to this day I can't live with myself. If you ever come across Dreamhack V2 please ignore it....

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