(FACTIONS) New Arc: Hextech Revolution

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I'm pleased to say that we have just officially launched the fifth Factions arc: Hextech Revolution.

I'm pretty excited about this one. It's a bit lighter in tone than our previous arcs, which were rather grim and gruesome, and it's the first "tech" arc. I'm psyched for some crazy X-Men mutantland megacorp Zaun mad science action.

Here's the link to the opener: Hextech Revolution

Backstory: Seams of dark purple sand have been discovered in the Shurima Desert. It's been somehow infused with magical energy, and researchers believe it could be refined into a hextech power source of unprecedented power and versatility. In the right hands, it could revolutionize life in Valoran. Of course, it could be pretty revolutionary in the "wrong" hands, too. The nations of Runeterra have turned to the League of Legends to resolve the matter of its ownership and control.
Read the opener for more.

Playable Factions:

  • Piltover wants to use this new power to launch a hextech revolution.
  • Bandle City sees a chance to finally surpass its "friendly rival" Piltover. They're tired of being cute fuzzy sidekicks.
  • Zaun finds Piltover's plans all very quaint. It sees potential not just for faster trains and useful gadgets but for alchemical transformation of humanity and mutantkind.
  • Demacia would have been content to simply back Piltover and watch from the side had it not been for the revelation that this "magic purple sand" is Void-tainted. It wants an end to all this before another Void War begins. (It's also touchy about the fact that it's to blame for the last one.)
Click here for the current Champion rosters.

And remember, this is Factions, so this isn't just a story I'm telling myself. You're all invited to declare for a faction, fight some matches, and help decide how this all plays out.