Shadow Walk; or, The Hangover That Changed The League for A Few Months

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Hello hello I'm Worgenflorgen but you can call me Worgenflorgen and this silly story is something I've been scheming for a while and I'm hoping that you'll enjoy.

Summary: Leblanc and Evelynn are aiming for control of the League's Council, and Twisted Fate has a hare-brained scheme that might just push the balance in Evelynn's favor. Meanwhile, Kayle is desperately trying to end the corruption in the council, Riven and Sivir are quietly aiming to shut down Noxian control of anything, and poor Yasuo stands at the end of Evelynn's strings.

The only planned pairing at the moment is Riven/Yasuo, but since the story is called Shadow Walk and not The Generic Wind-Related Love Story, there's clearly more than just "Boy meets girl and then they bang." This is my first attempt at writing league-related things and I tend to headcanon hard and League lore is... lacking. Especially related to Yasuo. So I just kinda went with things.

I hope you enjoy this brainchild.


The Contents

01- Yasuo (this post)
02- Evelynn (link)
03- Yasuo (link)


01- "The Hangover That Starts A Chain of Semi-Related Events" (Yasuo)


“Blue, I think he's wakin' up.”

Yasuo winces. The lights around him are too bright, but the curtains are thrown wide open and the room's inhabitants don't seem to consider the fact that he might just be suffering from the worst hangover of the month. Moreover, he doesn't remember how he got here and who he's with; the man's voice is unfamiliar, with an accent that certainly isn't Ionian.

“Well, seems you didn't kill him.” The second voice belongs to a woman, yet he has a hard time finding her. She's semi-translucent and standing in the window, and his vision is so blurry that he can't find anything out about her features.

Yasuo groans and his stomach churns. He turns his eyes away from the piercing light of the window to find the man hovering a bit too close to him. The stranger's beard is unkempt and his hair is even worse. “Well howdy,” he says. “Welcome back to the land of the livin', Yasuo.”

Yasuo opens his mouth, burps gracelessly, and swallows.

The woman in the window snickers. “You said he out-drank you.”

“Naw, naw, just that he survived. And he's got a neat story. I think it'd be right up your alley, Blue.”

“Really?” The woman leaves her window perch and paces closer to the bed; Yasuo tries to get a good look at her, but she keeps slipping from his view, almost as if she's an embodiment of the shadows themselves. He catches a glimpse of piercing yellow eyes and a well-endowed figure, and suddenly his gaze is hooked on her as she sets one clawed hand on the bed. “I can sense a great anger and regret in this one... I'm sure his heart would be delicious...”

“Now Blue,” the man says, though Yasuo barely acknowledges him, “I ain't one for keepin' promises, but you have to admit, we've got a bit of a gamble on our hands if we don't get more people in for the cause...”

Blue touches Yasuo's face, ignoring the other man. “Would you like me to make the hurt go away?” she purrs, leaning in. His headache and nausea no longer matter, because Yasuo is forcing himself to sit up, smiling softly, nodding, putty in her hands--

But the other man's hands grab the blue woman first and tug her back. “Evelynn. Focus.”

Whatever charm Yasuo had been under snaps just as Blue's-- Evelynn's?-- attention shifts. And with that Yasuo realizes he's half-sitting and that his stomach really doesn't like what he ate last night, and thus he ends up retching all over his lap. Evelynn makes a disgruntled noise and vanishes from sight, leaving the unnamed man with an armful of air.

The man just laughs and walks into the nearby water closet. He comes back with a cloth soaked in cool water and offers it to Yasuo. Yasuo stares at it for half a second before taking it and smacking it across his eyes. The man snorts in amusement. “So, you been thinkin' about our deal?”

“I don't even know who you are,” Yasuo grumbles, trying to decide if he should even try to clean up the vomit. “Did we,” he pauses to heave, “meet last night or something?”

“That we did,” the man says with a grin. “And you seem to be a little roughed up over a few spiked drinks.”

“You spiked my drinks?” Yasuo raises the cloth from his eyes, then regrets it. “Ugh... No wonder I feel awful...”

“Hah, didn't think you had such a tolerance, though. Most other men of your size would have probably died, or at least decided that headin' off alone with Blue was a good idea. Same outcome either way.” The man chuckles. “Let me re-introduce myself. The name's Twisted Fate, and you and I had a deal.”

“And the woman is Blue?”

“Evelynn to you,” says the woman. Yasuo's not opening his eyes to look for her; he can tell from her tone of voice that she's disgusted and keeping her distance from him. “And I'm actually the one you should be bargaining with, but it seems Twisty here is doing his hardest to convince me that you're worth living, let alone fighting...”

“Aww c'mon Blue, you always said you wanted more vagabonds under your control.”

“I think you just want a drinking buddy that can't be taken away from you by some sort of legal dispute.”

Twisted Fate snorts. “If I wanted that, I'd hunt down ol' Buckshot and remind him of our beautiful partnership.”

“He'd shoot you,” Eve retorts. “But I suppose if this one's actually useful...”

Yasuo tries to speak, but Twisted Fate talks over him. “He says he's the master of some Ionian wind sword technique. If he's real, you know how the summoners'll eat him up.”

A pause in the conversation. Yasuo almost hurls again, but manages to hold it down. “I'll consider it,” Eve says. “We'll talk more when he's recovered a bit. Meet me in an hour.”

“You're too kind, Blue. A right-out angel, in fact!”

“Mock me again and I will tear your tongue out.” The door slams shut and Yasuo cringes, slinking down a bit more in the bed. He hopes that Twisted Fate will follow, but it seems there's no such luck, because Twisted Fate not only remains, but takes the cloth off of Yasuo's eyes.


“You can't lie down like that.” Twisted Fate's grin lasts for a mile.

Yasuo glares at him. “And why can't I?”

“Because a hangover isn't cured by sleepin' in your own puke. 'Sides, I want you lookin' semi-presentable for Blue.”

“You tried to kill me with alcohol.”

“Yeah, yeah, but that's just your liver.” Twisted Fate grabs Yasuo by the arm and then almost lifts Yasuo from the inn bed. “This is your future! A chance to get away from the fact that Ionia wants you dead!”

Yasuo hangs limp, actively trying to be as useless as possible. “I don't care about the future, I care about last night and--” He freezes, giving Twisted Fate a chance to drag him out of bed and then drop him off onto the floor. He lands with a heavy crash and Twisted Fate steps back a few inches.

“Graceful,” Twisted snickers.

Yasuo glares at Twisted Fate's feet for a few moments before steadily picking himself up off the floor. He wobbles a bit on his feet, swats Twisted Fate's hands away when the other man tries to help, and promptly discovers that his internal organs are still not very happy with him. He swallows a fair amount of pain and rubs his temples. “Who told you about my past?”

“You did,” Twisted Fate replies, the brim of his hat obscuring his eyes. “A little alcohol loosens anyone's lips. And I didn't even need to ask much for you to start talkin'.”

Yasuo doesn't trust Twisted Fate's smirk. He wants his sword, but he doubts he'll even be able to lift it in this state. He crosses his arms. “...So this deal.”

“An easy one. You join the League and help further some of Blue's interests, we give you protection from the fact that Ionia wants you dead.” Another chuckle. “You might even be able to find your mark. Clear your name. Avenge your brother.”

Yasuo stares him dead in the... hat... band... Yeah. Dead in the hat band (he's already starting to hate how Twisted wears that stupid hat so low). “I'll consider it.”

“Consider it fast, because in a little under an hour, Eve wants an answer. And trust me, partner, she ain't one who likes waitin'.” Twisted Fate pulls out a coin and presses it into Yasuo's hand. “If you really need a chance to tip the scales-- just ask Lady Luck. She's never led me wrong.” And with that, Twisted Fate leaves the room.

Yasuo stands alone for a few moments, trying to gather his thoughts. But the only thoughts that come to mind are “my stomach is going to explode” and “why is the sun so bright?” So Yasuo staggers over to the window and shuts the curtains, nearly blinding himself in the process. After leaning his forehead against the wall for a few minutes, he realizes that he smells. No, not smells, reeks. Unfortunately, the room lacks a proper water closet, but there's a small sink that he uses to wipe off his face and chest. He'll shower later.

This really is a shitty inn, Yasuo muses as he runs a comb through his thick hair. Wish I remembered if their drinks were good.

With that out of the way, he heads back out into the main room to collect his sword and almost leaves without a second thought, but the coin on the nightstand catches his eye. Yasuo grabs it and stares at the heads side. Now that he's washed his face a few dozen times, he can think somewhat clearly.

Can I really trust them?

He flips the coin. It lands on his palm, heads-up.

Do I have a choice?

He tosses it again. Another heads.

Should I?

Heads again.

Yasuo frowns, then turns it over. The coin's the exact same on both sides. His frown deepens.


But as he reaches for his sword, he truly thinks it over. This could be his chance. If he didn't have to worry about the law, he could avenge his brother in peace. And whatever that Evelynn wants couldn't be that bad, right? She's just some weird blue lady that can vanish, it's not like she's actually trouble.

Or, at least, not any worse trouble than the mess he's already in. Really, they have a lot more to lose than he does.

He ties his sword to his waist, then glances towards the window. Yone. I will find the man who ruined our lives.

With a nod, Yasuo turns towards the door, but ends up turning too fast and winds up stumbling against the wall.

“Graceful,” he mutters as he gets the doorknob right this time and leaves, prepared to make his bargain.

Nothing bad could come of this. At least, nothing that could kill him.

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Finally, a good story that isn't freaking Yasuo/Riven.

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02 - "The Widowmaker's Finances Are Called Into Question" (Evelynn)


Evelynn is not one who likes dragging in people off the streets. She hunts them out, seeks their attention with her twisted logic, and pulls them into her grand schemes with a flourish of her clawed hands. And she prefers summoners to champions. Champions aren't useful for much but ideas, it's summoners that can put in votes to the council.

Which is why she's seriously considering using this young man's hate and anger and remorse as a snack and hiding his corpse under the floorboards.

But Twisted Fate has ideas, and Evelynn... neither respects nor likes Twisted Fate. She tolerates him, if only because he knows enough about her to where he could blackmail her into the ground if she refuses to cooperate. And League regulations say that she can't tear his throat out to keep him quiet.

So Evelynn has no choice but to listen. Her hands are tied, and not in the fun way.

He joins her in the back room of the bar, fingers hooked in his belt, and she glances up at him, golden eyes narrowing. She'd kill him, if she could. Oh, if she only could. Instead she drags her claws along the wooden table, leaving sharp indents.

“Say your piece,” Evelynn sighs.

“Well, just mostly thinkin'.”

“Isn't that a first.”

“Ain't it?” Twisted Fate leans against the wall. “So you know how Sivir's always sayin' that everyone has a price, right?”


“And you're always sayin' that you can only stack so many people onto the High Council before every other schemin' nutcase in the League overtakes you, or Kayle catches up to you.”

Evelynn stops scratching the table. “You're suggesting bribes?”

“Yep. But ya see, I can only get so much through gamblin' and connin'. And some people, well, it takes cash to make them talk. Lotsa cash. Cash we don't have.”

“True.” Evelynn sighs. “And League paychecks are certainly higher for newer champions. Ones that no one's seen yet. So what are you saying we can do with this one?”

“Use him. Get the summoners to love him. Take a portion of his pay. Stack the High Council, keep them in our favor, keep the League in a deadlock.” Twisted Fate pulls a card out of his coat and tosses it onto the table. Evelynn carefully lifts it, staring at the drawing of Kayle (the queen of clubs, a fitting choice). “Keep certain winged pests off of our back. You know her opinion of criminals in the League.”

“Noxians, too. And Demacians. And everyone.” Eve sighs and turns the card over. “And you think this'll be our key?”

“Part of it.” Twisted Fate shrugs. “There's still your issue of a certain Noxian mage houndin' after your control...”

“We don't talk about her,” Eve hisses.

He raises a hand. “I ain't talkin' about her. Just remindin' you she exists.”

“I don't need a reminder.”

“Yeah, yeah, well, Noxus is gonna push for power. And Demacia, but they're about as subtle as a boot to the head. Stop diggin' holes in the table just 'cause your claws are sharper'n knives and listen.”

Eve digs her claws in deeper as a subtle form of rebellion.

“Or keep doin' it,” Twisted Fate sighs. “I swear, Blue, we gotta try new things. You've been talkin' about changes to the entire Fields, issues with wards you just don't like...”

“I want the ones in the Institute gone,” Eve says coolly. “The ones on the Fields are just annoying.”

“Yeah, yeah, but if you want changes, you need the power, right?”

Eve taps her lip with one claw. “Mmm... You are right...”

Twisted Fate nods. “So what you do is you take every ace you can. Stack your hand. It ain't too bad to have some investment, amirite?”

“I think you need to stop making gambling references every time you speak,” Eve quips. “But yes, you are correct. We can... try this. I suppose.” She folds her hands neatly on her lap. “I do hope you know you're finding him a way back to the Institute alone, correct? I'd need to go ahead to prepare, gather my resources, run my claws down a few people's backs...” She glances down at her hands, then smirks.

Twisted Fate's smirk fades. “You actually scratch summoners?”

“Only if they like it that way,” Evelynn purrs, eyes flicking up at him. “You really didn't think I've been mourning the loss of our little fling, have you?”

Visibly deflating, Twisted Fate waves a hand and stares intently at the floor. “Naw, naw, just. Didn't think you'd do it with summoners. That's all.”

“Should I indulge you in the details?” She runs her tongue over her fangs. “All the things we didn't do...”


Her name, not “Blue.” Evelynn raises her head, trying not to snicker. “Yes?”

Twisted Fate takes his hat off and looks her dead in the eye. There's no smirk on his face now. “We have a deal as well. And you keep on with that, I might just break my half.”

Eve's smile vanishes.

“Now if you don't want me lettin' Kayle know about all of this...” His stare becomes a bit more intense. “Or what if I offered my services to Leblanc?”

“Fine,” Eve grumbles, sinking down in her booth. “Get your swordsman, I want to get this over with. I hate Ionia.”

“Right, right.” Twisted Fate puts his hat back on. “By the way, you got what we came here for?”

Evelynn snorts. “Yes. I got it while you were wasting your time drinking last night. Unlike you, I don't waste time on business trips.”

Twisted Fate laughs. “At least there's one of us.” He exits; Eve watches him leave, then instantly fades from view. She kicks her legs up onto the table, then sighs.

As much as she hates to admit it, Twisted Fate is right. She's running out of options, and Leblanc has almost all of Noxus under her thumb. If she's going to out-play the Black Rose, she's going to need allies. No, not allies. Pawns. She'll have to start gathering those without alliances. Evelynn goes over the list in her head.

Sivir could be an option, but Sivir only works for money and Twisted Fate is correct in his observation that Eve doesn't have enough to build an army on funds alone. Most of the others are too unstable; Jinx comes to mind, but Eve has met Jinx once or twice and has decided that she absolutely hates the Loose Cannon. Jax may be willing to help out an old friend. She could frame it as a challenge. He'd enjoy it, right?

Eve's not sure if there's anything she could offer Morgana, and she's not entirely sure if Morgana would be useful anyway. Graves won't work with Twisted Fate. And Riven...

Riven might actually work. They're certainly not on bad terms. The Noxian deserter is distant, but certainly she'd enjoy a chance to take out Noxian corruption? Evelynn taps her thigh. Yes. She could play this.

Hell, why stop at unaffiliated champions? She could play Demacians like a harp. She could whisper a few choice lies into the ears of Ionians. She could even probably manipulate Kayle into acting.

Evelynn ponders this last choice, then raises the card Twisted Fate gave her and smirks. “Guess you're just another card in the deck,” she murmurs. Then she pauses, smile fading. She throws the card across the table. “Ugh. Twisted Fate.”

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03 – "Yasuo and Evelynn" (Yasuo)


His headache doesn't quite get better as he stomps down the stairs, but it dulls a bit. He still winces when he sees the light, but he bites back the pain. He can sleep when he's done; this Evelynn likely won't stick around for long.

He wants to think that he's above this-- bargaining himself into service for the sake of safety-- but Yasuo also likes to think of a bed to sleep in, being clean for once, and not having to kill any more of his childhood friends. So these ideas are clearly in conflict with each other. He supposes that his sense of honor can take a backseat for now until he finds a way to worm around whatever it is that Evelynn wants him to do.

(From the looks of her outfit, it's going to be less than savory. If it's a burlesque act, he's out.)

He turns around the landing and glances out into the mostly-empty bar. There are a few private party rooms in the back; Twisted Fate stands near one, shuffling through a card deck and muttering. Yasuo waves a hand, trying to get Twisted Fate's attention. It doesn't work.

“Hey.” Yasuo steps a bit closer. “Hey, you all right?”

Twisted Fate glances up, then pockets the deck. “Yeah. Nothin' important. Just makin' sure everythin's together.” He turns his head towards the door. “Blue's in there. You feelin' up to talkin' with her alone or should I be there?”

Yasuo shrugs. “Can't be too hard. I just tell her that I thought and I figured I'd go with whatever she has planned.”

To Yasuo's surprise, Twisted Fate laughs, “Well ain't you a joker.” He claps Yasuo on the shoulder. “Well, Pretty Boy, if you're absolutely confident, go on in. I'll be waitin' around for you out here.”

Yasuo hesitates, one hand over the private room's doorknob. “Am I making a wrong decision or something?”

“Nah.” Twisted Fate crosses his arms and leans back against the wall. “Just don't look at her for too long. That is, if she even shows up all the way.”

“Is she going to be invisible the entire time?”

“She's the sort who likes to fade in and out. Don't think she can help it; kind of her natural state to be out of sight.” Twisted Fate tosses his head in the direction of the doorway. “Now get on in. Make it quick, too, I got us a ride on the next circus out of here and we might be able to room with some of their lovely performers.”

Yasuo would return Twisted Fate's wolfish grin if he had any inkling of the trouble that Twisted Fate had planned. Instead he chuckles hesitantly and opens the door. As soon as he's inside the room, it slams shut behind him. He catches a glimpse of Evelynn out of the corner of his eye, but she's quickly out of sight again. Twisted Fate is right: Evelynn doesn't seem to be consistent in her visibility.

Yasuo's quite certain that this entire encounter is going to be annoying.

“Have a seat,” Eve purrs, her voice coming from his left. He decides not to reach out and see if she's there. He's not sure if he even wants to touch her. Instead he walks straight to the chair nearest him and plops down.

He can see Evelynn as she sits down across from him. She's translucent, but visible. “Doing better?” she asks, steepling her fingers so that the length of her claws is quite apparent.

“A bit.” Yasuo squirms in his chair. “So about our deal.”

“Yes.” Eve's eyes are locked on his, cat-like pupils narrowing. “Twisty made quite the argument in your favor, provided you are what you say you are.”

“Do I need to prove it..?”

“Hardly.” Evelynn smriks. “If you turn out to be a liar, I get to kill you. If you're telling the truth, you might just be useful. Win/win for me, I must say.”

Yasuo averts his eyes, remembering Twisted Fate's advice. “I suppose you're right,” he says.

“I'm always right,” she snaps. “Now. You understand your end of the bargain, correct?”

“Not really.”

“Well, it's fairly simple.” Evelynn clears her throat. “League Champions are given pay for their service to summoners. You're new and fresh and upcoming. You'll obviously get more upfront, since everyone's going to be wanting a piece of you and your fighting styles. And what I need from you is simple.”

“The pay,” Yasuo says flatly.

“Indeed. You catch on fast.”

He chances a look at Evelynn. She's still watching him intently. “That's all?” he asks.

“I may need a few other favors, but that depends on how fast you catch on and how much the summoners love you.” She wriggles her fingers. “Is there anything you might want from me, by the way?”

Yasuo considers this for a moment, but his brain is a bit too melted to come up with much. “The League provides protection to its champions, right?”

“Within reason.” Evelynn slips a hand into her “shirt” (if it could even be called that) and pulls out a card. “Step too far out of line and you might find yourself locked up. I'm sure you'll be meeting this one.” She slides the card across the table. On its face, an armored angelic figure holds a club. “She'll explain most of the procedures and legal jargon to you. It's her job.”

Yasuo raises a brow. “Who is she?”

“Kayle.” Eve takes the card back. “Now, that's really all you wanted to know?”

Yasuo shrugs. “Well, Twisted Fate did say that food and shelter were provided. Don't think I need much other than that and a good drink.”

“And all of that and more will be provided. Now, if that's all you'll be wanting...” Evelynn reaches out her hand. “Give me your arm. I'm going to seal this.”

Yasuo hesitates. “One more thing.”


“Do you know anyone who uses a wind sword technique?”

Eve snorts. “Maybe. Not off the top of my head, though. I'm more interested in personal affiliations than battlefield techniques.” She wriggles her fingers. “I'll get into things when I get back to the Institute, then meet up with you when you and Twisted Fate get back.”

Yasuo still doesn't hand her his arm. “You're not traveling with us. Why?”

“Twisty has business in Piltover. I don't want to stop there. I don't want you to come with me.”


“People can see you,” Evelynn sighs. “Now are we doing this or not?”

Yasuo bites back the questions that are suddenly coming, like how she even turns invisible in the first place. He nods, then takes her hand. “Deal. But if you fail to keep your end, I'm out.”

“Likewise, Yasuo,” Evelynn says, shaking his hand firmly. “I'll be watching you. Now get out of here. Leave the door open. I want to leave quietly.”

Yasuo decides not to push his luck. Touching Eve feels unnatural and it's very hard to pull his hand from her grasp, but he's very glad to be away from her. Some part of him tells him that she now has a way to find him whenever she wants to; the rest of him dismisses it as a silly thought. He leaves the door open and shuffles out into the main room. By now, other patrons are filing in and the bar is already looking packed. Yasuo is almost tempted to join them, but an arm around his shoulder stops him.

“So,” Twisted Fate says, “You made your deal with Blue?”

Yasuo nods.

“Excellent.” Twisted Fate grins, dragging Yasuo out towards the streets. “In which case, we're headed for the nearest port. From there on, straight to Piltover for a bit of partying and then a quick warp to the Institute. You ever been to the Institute?”

“I've never been out of Ionia,” Yasuo admits, suddenly feeling a little more ignorant than usual.

“You're gonna love Piltover. A new casino opened up and they've got all sorts of side-attractions. And this circus, too. I heard there's a woman in it who can touch her backside with her nose.” Twisted Fate cackles. “We're gonna have a great time gettin' back, Pretty Boy.”

The more Yasuo listens, the more interested he sounds. Though there's one small matter with a party ride back to the Institute. “Wouldn't Eve want us to hurry..?”

Twisted Fate smirks. “What Eve doesn't know won't hurt her.” He pushes Yasuo out the door and into the afternoon light. “Now let's go. Adventure awaits!”