Loading into game late or not at all.

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Unlawful Salmon

Junior Member


Hey guys, about 2 weeks ago my desktop computer suddenly had this strange problem with league where when a game would start instead of going to the "champion loading" screen instead the "game is still in progress" screen would pop up. I would be stuck here until all other players loaded inot the game. I then would out of nowhere load into the game. However there was a small chance (5% or so) where I would either not load into the game at all, or load into the game right as it started for all the other players.

After sending numerous requests to support we've had no luck solving the issue. I can play the game on any other computer in our house without this issue. I ruled out the router for being the problem, and it even still happens directly connected to the modem.

Does anyone have any idea why this is occuring? As of right now I have no way to play because of this.