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So, I'm going to call this, just like I did on the PBE shortly after Frozen Fist was released...

Ezreal with Frozen Fist is going to be a go-to champion for any poke/kite composition in competitive play.

Why? Several reasons...

1) Huge range AOE slow. This is the obvious part. Q applies Frozen Fist passive, which is less overall damage than Trinity Force or Lichbane, but includes the AOE slow. This can be used to kite, to counter engages, to soft disengage, and

2) Build flexibility. Assuming you have disengage elsewhere on your team, Ezreal can be built AP or AD and still do well with Frozen Fist. For AP you're looking at Torment and Athene's, while AD builds will probably grab Avarice, rush BotRK, and then crit/damage/lifesteal followed by Statikk Shiv. Both builds work well - AP pokes harder, AD has much higher DPS and still pokes fairly hard.

3) Better farming. This applies mostly to AP Ezreal. Still, Frozen Fist gives him a somewhat reliable method of quickly farming waves, as two procced Qs will clear minions in most cases.

4) Many other new items are in favor of poke compositions. There is more tenacity floating around, you can buy Boots of Swiftness (now not utter trash on every champion), and items like Liandry's and BotRK both amp up one of the major aspects of a poke comp - putting enemies into a health range where they cannot safely engage.

So, yeah. While this build probably isn't anything above average for unorganized play, I'm going to call Pokezreal as one of the next big things at the competitive level.

Discuss. Or not. Either way is fine by me.