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Can you please make a Hud Skin that is simplified and make it an option. The new hud is very cluttered and has too many colors. Its hard for the eye to naturally see what is going on. eventually im sure I will get used to it, but it needs to be cleaned up. For example I dont need bright yellow bars to tell me what level my spells are. I have been playing long enough to know what im picking. Those massively huge skill level up + buttons are need a space divider between them so the eye can pick out the hard edges. Also the colors are again to many and it looks like one brown bar with yellow fuzz in it. On dominion the score hud doesnt need to take up half of the top of my screen. I can see what the score is when it is small. Can you put something into that to scale it like the minimap and chat. I dont need a little box telling me what button to press for my items. Maybe create an advanced player options tab where we can take that stuff out. It doenst even show that I use f1 for an item so its just a useless box that blocks the item icon. It would be beneficial to put the number of charges right on the item or in a little box in the corner of the item for the number of charges left. The new health mana potion that stays with you counts down right in the middle of all my buffs and debuffs on the screen and naturally I look at the item to see how many are left and its harder to find it in the mix in the middle. I dont need all the borders on everything, especially since they add even more colors to the hud. There are many more issues with the new patch... such as ignore not working, the store having even more colors added to the palette and the store being confusing and not natural to click quickly. Also, I want my store to always be on all items and its always stuck on recomended when the game starts. It a remember my settings toggle. If you spent so much time on the store, why didnt you put in slots that I can drag items to that I want to purchase throughout the match. I could load it up with anticipated items and would make purchasing faster. Also, the icons in the store do not grey out when I cant afford them or after I purchase them. So I am constantly clicking on items I cant actually buy. And yes I can look at my money, but when trying to be quick, the smoother the interface the better. There is far too much distraction in the Hud, the Store and the Score screen now. End Tweet.