Ridiculous Ranked Queues

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Cara Astras

Junior Member


Okay so this is getting ridiculous.

This makes the -second- game I've had to dodge before it started, and I'm being punished for it with a time penalty. That's -outrageous- in a minimal sense. Why should -I- have to choose between one of two -horrible- options when I'm trying to enjoy a game?

Would it not be more reasonable to offer new features to combat this unfairness? I personally don't like having to choose between suffering through a 30 minute inevitable loss, or suffer through a 30 minute time penalty.

Simply add one or two new features. Something as simple as a "Vote Kick Button" would suffice, and EASILY combat the unfairness. It's usually one troll who ruins these games, and it's as simple as removing them.

Or maybe even a "Dodge Forgiveness" system? It's -ridiculous- that I have to suffer waiting all that time to try for a fair team. It would be much more fair that it be a small penalty, or perhaps no penalty.. after all, who dodges for -no- reason? No one.. so why the penalty at all? You seem to be neglecting the "Elo Hell" tier, where all the trolls and cruelly unfair teammates lurk.