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I'm terribly, terribly sorry for letting this story die. I wrote myself into a corner and I couldn't find a way out.

Because I know someone had to have liked this story, I'm going to rewrite what I'd already had written, change up a few things, and do what I can to finish it.

Meindseit deserves a place in the League of Legends.


Chapter 1: The Runaway

Born and raised in the smog-beaten industrial hell-hole called Zaun, she could have been normal.

She really could have.

She was just... altered, she guessed, by a situation beyond her control. It happened when she was five years old. She couldn't do anything about it. Her parents spent many days pissed off with each other, seething, screaming at each other, beating one another senseless. All because they were such demanding people, and they couldn't always get their way. Her parents were part of a large scale dealership, in which they purchased and used an illegal Zaunite drug called Shimmer.

This drug, borne from techmaturgical Zaunite waste, was popularized by rumors that, once applied to one's skin, it give its user special powers in addition to a mind-whisking ecstatic high.

One fateful day at home, while his wife was out shopping, Katilda von Schmidt's father got in a physical fight with his Shimmer dealer. He was furious to hear that the cost of Shimmer delivery doubled no, tripled overnight, due to heightened law enforcement patrol. He could no longer afford it; they tacked on two zeroes too many. Katilda's father grabbed the glass jar his dealer brought, which contained the silver holographic goop that, as its name suggested, shimmered in different neon colors, and they wrestled for it, violently hurling each other all over the living room in a struggle to control the jar.

It all happened right in front of Katilda. Crying and screaming, "Dad! No! Stop it!" Katilda was otherwise powerless to do anything else. Her father and the dealer lost their grip on the jar, and it went flying across the room to where Katilda stood. The jar smashed against the floor, the shards of shattered glass tinkling past Katilda's bare feet, to which the spilt Shimmer made full contact.

The instant that holographic goop covered her feet, Katilda lost control of her emotions and began perceiving the world in a brand new way. She'd gone blind by bright, swirling colors; reds and blues mixed together, black was fleeting, brown and silver collided like rivers, and she couldn't take it.

The last thing Katilda remembered was the sound of her father beating the dealer senseless and literally kicking him out the door. Her father, being too afraid of lawful repercussions for his possession of Shimmer, refused to take Katilda to the doctors. He picked her up and put her in bed, cleaning the Shimmer off her feet while she dreamed the day away in her almighty la-la land.

The Shimmer's adverse effects altered her underdeveloped body chemistry; from the accident she gained strange powers at the cost of the natural childhood she could have had. Katilda started calling herself by a new name, and over the next five years she only answered to Meindseit.

Meindseit had forsaken the name she was given at birth, believing she deserved a more meaningful name than Katilda von Schmidt. Despite living with her parents until the age of ten, Meindseit took great pleasure in leaving everything she knew and once loved behind. She was destined to do as she pleased with her new powers. Like her name suggested, Meindseit's magic involved the permeation of the mind and senses of other biological beings. She could see the world through their eyes and sense their strongest emotions and thoughts. She also had the power to bend their sanity to her will. Meindseit could ferret out the secrets of liars and trigger intense levels of delirium by making people hear voices, see images that weren't really there, and feel varying levels of pain and suffering by way of trickery of the mind.

Now on the run from home and roaming rampant in Zaun with her new magic powers, Meindseit tricked a lot of rich bastards into handing her their ill-gotten earnings, which she used for her own sustenance: food, clothes, and inns at which she could stay the night. She became known as the "Paragon of Insanity" to those whose mental states she spared. Meindseit believed the whole world was comprised of evil, and she was the pinnacle of good. In her decisive notions, she treated all whom she encountered with disdain...

...until the day she met Abigail, a girl her age, an innocent youth, and the only person Meindseit could call a friend. Abigail and her parents were staying at the same inn as Meindseit. For exactly one week's time, Meindseit and Abigail's friendship birthed, grew, and died a sudden death that shook not only Abigail's family, but Meindseit's isolated heart.

They started off normal, like any two children would. Meindseit loved showing off her magic, but she kept it hidden around Abigail. Meindseit met Abigail's mom and dad. She and Abigail played together.

On the third day, Meindseit felt the time had come to reveal her secret power to her friend, which Abigail loved.

On the fifth day, Abigail started wanting Meindseit to use her magic on her, and Meindseit jumped at the chance to break into Abigail's mind and tell her her own secrets. Meindseit made Abigail hallucinate; Abigail saw the whole inn burning, she saw dead people, people running while they burned alive, the smoke of their fading lives rising into the air... but they were all just hallucinations.

On the seventh day of their friendship, Abigail wanted Meindseit to teach her how to use magic. Meindseit hunted down a Shimmer dealer, and with her magic blackmailed him into handing over a small canister of the drug, and she let him run free. She took the Shimmer back to the inn, to Abigail, where she opened the canister and splashed the silver holographic goop into Abigail's face.

Exactly zero-point-five seconds after direct exposure to the Shimmer, Abigail's body hit the floor; she was dead before she even went down. Terrified of what she'd done, Meindseit couldn't face anybody anymore. With the realization that she became the epitome of evil, Meindseit fled the room in a panic, leaving Abigail's body to lay uncared for as she took her leftover money and ran for the hills.

Meindseit escaped Zaun. Nobody pursued her. She used her magic to make sure of that.

Traveling through the pass leading over the Ironspike Mountains, Meindseit came in contact with a great and powerful bird whose icy body turned the sunlight blue when she flew overhead. Spotting Meindseit, struggling through the cold mountain climate, the bird swooped down to rendezvous with her. The bird was massive; sitting there, she dwarfed Meindseit in height. She was a Cryophoenix who introduced herself as Anivia.

Concerned, Anivia was, about the fact a young human was alone in the mountains. Meindseit took one glimpse at Anivia's mind and saw the memory of a recurring life cycle; this bird knew death better than Meindseit did, so Meindseit asked her: "Does dying hurt?"

The answer, Meindseit knew before Anivia spoke it. When prompted with questions, the brain works far more quickly than the mouth, and the mind is incapable of lying.

Anivia: "Death is like falling asleep and waking up. But the conditions that lead to death can be painful and tragic."

Meindseit approached Cryophoenix, who lowered her large frozen head and touched the tip of her beak to Meindseit's forehead, passing a blessing on to Meindseit which granted her immunity against the frigid mountain chill.

"You tread toward Noxus, young one," Anivia said. "Should you arrive there, you'll only be rewarded with misery. Come, and rest upon my back. I will take you to a safer place."

Anivia lowered herself down, allowing Meindseit to climb onto her back. The Cryophoenix spread her large wings and flapped them, blowing snow out from beneath her with the air coming from her wing beats. Anivia flew Meindseit southwest, toward a grand location Anivia called the Institute of War, wherein the League of Legends would give Meindseit a new home.

Somehow, poking around inside Anivia's mind tipped the Cryophoenix off to Meindseit's magic abilities.

Meindseit asked Anivia why she was taking her to a place like the League of Legends, and Anivia told a lie.

The lie: "The magic within the Institute of War is old and powerful, and I think you'll learn your craft well there."

The truth: I know you're in trouble, child. Zaun isn't safe for you anymore. You'll find acceptance in the League of Legends.