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Tanky supports, gone?

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They're tanky, but you don't build them as tanks. You build them with utility in mind. Whereas if you jungled Alistar for example, you would build him full tank.

wah? What is the point of a tanky support if they aren't tanky? The whole idea of an initiator is to be able to go in and survive the initial onslaught. If you are say playing Leona and you have zero tank masteries and all aura items, chances are if you engage a full on team fight you are gonna get destroyed. Even in the laning phase, an aggressive support is going to be useless if they are squishy and they hard initiate on someone in bot lane. I dunno I can see both sides of the coin and I am just going to have to try out both mastery sets. 9/21/0 and 0/9/21 and weigh out the pros and cons. I should be ok with keeping my Quints of Avarice and running tank masteries, but I will just have to try it and see.