Game minimizes then errors.. like 3 times

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After every game the game seems to minimize into the taskbar or something, but every time it does for me it errors. I open it again and it waits a minute then sais "game has encountered an error" or something, I open it again and it gets "game already running do you want to terminate old one?" then it usually errors... again.

It takes me 5 minutes+ to get from finishing a game to start looking for the next, anyone know what's causing all the errors and how to fix them? :/

Also why does the game minimize after each match?

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Jesse Perring


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First, can I ask you to post your dxdiag and game logs from one of these crashes?

Log info

What's supposed to happen at the end of a game is the following:
Press Victory or Defeat
Game exits reopens automatically with a post-game chat lobby

Which part of the end of game process are you getting stuck?