Surrender votes on 3v3 (Suggestion)

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Dic Maeburn



I just got out of a game where a malphite had a terrible attitude saying things like "gg" after first blood, wouldn't help out me or our team mate if we came across 1 of them in the jungle and attacked, but the other 2 came in. So we were fighting 2v3 most of the game. He would only use his ult to benefit him, picking up kills after me and our amumu died, not in teamfights (the 1 or 2 he helped in). After awhile he just went afk.

That is the back story... here comes the frustrating part.

Me and the amumu wanted to surrender, cause what little chance we had of coming back was now gone. Malphite has been afk for like 3-4 minutes now, so we know he wont be coming back. We initiate a surrender vote, but it won't work because only 2 people voted yes, not 3, when there is only 3 people on the team. Why should 2 people have to suffer because we got 1 troll on the team?

Here is the suggestion to avoid this from happening again: have the surrender system on TT work if 2 of 3 people vote yes. Simple.

Conclusion: For anyone wondering what happened with the vote, the malphite magically appeared to vote yes, said nothing.

tl;dr: Make surrender votes on twisted treeline work if 2 out of 3 people vote yes.