Ezreal no longer viable!??!?!

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Mf dont have gay blink every couple of seconds. Vladimir dont have global ulti. Noone has skillshot which is riddiculously easy to target. Also you can't have gay skills AND damage at the same time. Riot chose that gayness > damage, so enjoy your new balanced ezreal.

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I Feed Kills

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Since Ezreal's release I've been maining him. Patch after patch he's been nerfed in to the ground. Granted - on release he was horribly OP - but after the healing nerf they continued to push things way too far. He hits like a little girl now.

So far everyone's been comparing his physical carry capabilities but what we need to look at is his mobility. Lets look at the only other champion with comparable mobility: Kassadin. LOL Ezreal you have no chance at all. Kass has silence, slow, massive burst , 3 sec cd flash. He shames Ezreal's unimpressive damage and mobility any day.

I'm just happy I found wick to take over as my main.

On a side note - has anyone used BR on Ez lately? I toyed around with it a few patches ago - it sounds like it would hybrid well with spell pen and a rageblade.