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Group Account Hacking Attacks! And offering hacked help service?

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dude the same thing happened to my gf's account. i'm telling u if i ever find out who did this to people in the Roit community, i'm ****ing hacking them

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My account was hacked but I was able to get it back the next day, and back to how I had it the day after.

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My account was hacked. I just got it back.

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same thing happened to me too ):

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Group hacking attacks!

Recently there has been a lot of hacking reports. Including mine, My Account was the "YellowTanjelo"

I have recently seen some reports about hacked League of legends accounts and there has been a strange activity included with this aswell.

I myself have sent in to the support team a vast amount of information to get my account back, but have had no reply.

Firstly the accounts that have been hacked:

YellowTanjelo: Me my account was hacked on the 30th of November, I am a generally nice kid btu when you steal an account that is worth $200 stuff gets real.

Syflox: A respected TF2 player and Steam player and fair trader. (Also accused for aimbotting in Call of duty: Black ops)

Thaniaslove: A nice Girl it seems on youtube (Not %100 confirmed) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kd62G9-i6zc)

Valtkorr: I dont know anything about this guy seems to be innocent. (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2861044&highlight=hacked)

Strange Activity

It seems that these accounts have all been linked together and are playing with eachother.

1. This is my account, this is the only way to properly track the activity that has been going on
if you look at the history I have been playing with Sylfox and Thaniaslove

2.Next click on this link you can see that Sylfox is playing with the YellowTanjelo(me), thaniaslove and ValtKorr

3. If you click on this link it will send you to ValtKorr's match history and he is playing with all of the other accounts including me.

as you can see it seems like the hackers are a group of friends which were looking for an easy way to get to level 30.

Additional Info

All cases of these accounts being hacked were saying that the password and email that recieves the emails were changed

I had a chat to my hacker before he deleted my Smurf account and changed my name. He said that all the accounts he found were all on a website, I asked for a link and he didnt source it or ever chat back.

Judging by the way my hacker or our hacker typed it was very childish and it seemed like they had a very very low intellectual vocabulary.

It seemed like the hackers did a random and unprovoked attack because I the only times I talk in matches are when saying MIA, SS, BRB, TOP,BOT or MID

This may just be my hacker but, THe hacker asked for $500 for my account back

The hackers just wanted to find a way to get to lvl 30 quick, if you look at the recent games on all the linked accounts you can see that they are mostly unskilled players, having very bad scores and having continuous losses. e.g. Player used smite while playing LuLu, Who does that? lol

there has also been large loses in ELO of upto 100 lost.

Wondering how I got this info?

I got this info from mostly searching up key words in google such as names on youtube been closely watching match histories on Lolking.com and closely watching the changes in the account and build style.

Public/Riot Appeal

Please Riot please work as quickly as you can some of these people have put alot of thier money and time into this game, and having all that dedication taken away is really saddening.

To the people! please if you see these summoners online please ban them even though they are rightfully someone elses it will keep them off the accounts and minimize them changing our stats. the names to report are

Jm Returnz
Tribal Duck

even though some of them are legit players they should not be supporting the act of stealing others accounts so they can play with their friends.

Statements and Announcements

If you are hacked too send me your Summoner name and i will try look into it as seeing if they are tied up with any group or my hackers. And also get the information you need to get your account back (Limited time only)

Also information on our hackers would be very helpful if you recognize any of the names and know who the rightful owner is send it to the RIOT SUPPORT TEAM, and they will hopefully read and notice that you are a telling the truth.

Thank you for reading my thread I have spent a number of hours in the last 3 days figuring out information on the hackers and proof that I and the other people were hacked

Sincerely the Yellow Anti-Hacking team (Just me in it LOL)

My brothers account got hacked too just few days ago
And the hacker greet me and my brother In my account and my brothers other account
Plz help ASAP his name is LegendaryVeever btw

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The hacker greet us by saying "noob" at the same time
And then I love you repeatedly five times

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I'll be back for tommorow for an update