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[Shop UI Suggestions - For Beginner Players] More / Consistent Cost Data Available

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Spyder ZT

Junior Member


Before I realized that these forums were here, I sent this in to "Feedback", and they suggested (Rightly) that I share my ideas here for Community Feedback, so here goes.

I love how the store shows you the Upgrade Trees for a high level item, but it would help if the cost shown for each item was the "Current Cost" and not the "Upgrade Price" for the item assuming you have the other necessary items. Also, as an idea, showing the "Current Cost" under each item (Or at the least in the Tooltip) would make life tons easier as all "Necessary Information" is available at a glance, getting you out of the shop quicker. ;P

I'm sure at "High Level Play" this is less of an issue as you already have an idea what you want when you hit the shop interface. And for that I "Love" what I'm seeing in videos about the filtering in the new UI in the PBE, but for newcomers like myself, these suggestions would help bring us to that level of intimate knowledge. ;P You could still have the "Upgrade Price" available too, and I've included an image to show where that could go([Gold]). (I apologize about the primitive image, a graphic artist I am not. ;? )


Side note: It would be awesome in the "Graph" summary at the end of battle, if hovering over the name of the stat had the same highlighting effect that hovering over the bars themselves did.