New character The Lurker Below

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Now i am relatively new to this game. Started in early February and i am very pleased that i did since it is a fun game.
I like many people tried to think of my own champion and would like to share it now. This is kind of in response to the new champion coming out Quinn, who i think lacks originality as the concept of the character has been done a lot already with Ashe, Vayne, Caitlyn and Miss Fortune who are all female ranged ad carries.

Before i start i would just like everyone know that this champion is intended to be a support one and i dont know all the exact details of this character as i dont quite grasp the mechanics of the game just yet ie:range, so i will just give examples of other champions to help you understand better.

Name: I havent really thought of a good name yet so i wouldnt mind peoples input. But the character is a Kraken(octopus, squid). I do like the Lurker Below as their title but suggestions are welcome. This character fits in with the lore through Nautilus who was brought down under the water by something. This champion could be that something.

Passive: As this champion moves it leaves behind a trail of slime like a snail. The slime slows people who move through it, but only as they walk on it. The slime can increase its slow % the more times the champion walks over it for example. The more you walk over your previous trail the more you increase the slow effect. It would have 3 stages 10/20/30% slow. The slime would change colour with each rank so people will know and the trails lasts idk 60 sec. So as a lot of people do when they are waiting for a team fight or something they keep moving their champion back and forth, doing this will be more beneficial.

Q: Ink Shot

You fire a spurt of ink at an enemy blinding it like Graves smoke screen but its only a single target.

Damage is relatively small as it is a utility move and it scales with AP

Duration 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2

Range like Xeraths magic chains

Cooldown 25 sec

W: Water Jet

You propel yourself a short distance going through enemies and walls and damaging them slightly. Since this character is a tank/support it needs some kind of mobility. Picture this move like Nidalees pounce with a slightly larger distance. Also the animation would look like if you have ever seen an octopus swim how it propels itself with a gush of water in front of it.

Damage once again small scales with AP

Range slightly farther then Nidalees pounce

Cooldown 15 sec

E: Sweep

Swing your tentacle in front of you in a cone area skill shot that deals damage. You always swing from left to right and slightly move enemies caught in it to the right. This move is your damage dealer and can either help knock enemies into your allies or help them escape.

Damage relatively high scales with AD

Range Cho'Gath feral scream

Cooldown 7 sec

R: Reel In

You fire out 5 (was thinking 8 but seemed op) tentacles grabbing the closest enemies and bringing them to you. A counter to this is seeing how its the closest enemies, you can grab minions instead of enemy champions. Also works on the neutral minions in the jungle. This can be used to start an ambush or to disrupt one as it can fire into brushes. There is no incapacitation when grabbing, people can flash out of it and it lasts like 1/2 of a sec at its farthest range. So the closer you are the faster youll be brought it and the farther you the longer youll take to be brought it, but as i said the longest it will take is half a second. Cant grab through walls.

Damage relatively small as its a utility move scales with AD

Range like Jannas Monsoon

Cooldown 90 sec

His auto attack i figured would be like Thresh, lashing out with a tentacle.

Well i hope you enjoyed the read and please leave comments and suggestions. Thanks.