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December MCCC - Christmas Cheer!

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or something you feel can be related to generosity or gifts.
maybe a critic of gift giving?
or a person just wants gifts but never had them?
or a person that delivers gifts?
personally, pick a connection and go with it. i trust most of you will complete this, and i personally will not consider this theme greatly in prelims for disqualification.

A quick question (last one, probably! Sorry =3 ), in that do "wishes" count as "gifts"? Giving someone what they wanted is kind of what I was going for, and I took the term "gift giving" as a metaphor, rather than physical presents.

Does it have to be things like gold, or is the personification of altering fate to grant one's desires (as my champion's currently set up as) count towards this?

In short, almost every ability I have grants bonuses to my team, besides myself, from specifically feeding them kills (lowering an enemy's health without killing that enemy), granting them a second chance on life (bonus healing if they're almost dead), or granting them things like extra time (a few seconds of free mobility to reposition themselves in a fight).

The entire lore is based around being the physical embodiment of wish granting, so... is this technically applicable, or should I gut the concept and start over?

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I have two concepts almost finished because I can't decide. Am I really supposed to post just one?

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Here's my entry into December MCCC: Roxy, the Scrappy Barkeep (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=32152430#post32152430)

December's Theme Christmas Cheer and generosity and gift-giving: Roxy's function is to reward those who earn it and punish those who deserve it. Her lore attests to the fact that she is very generous to her loyal and friendly customers. A gift from Roxy's kit could be a free drink, free advice, or a broken bottle to the face...ouch!
Naughty or Nice Challenge: Roxy has no persistent auras or self-centered aoe spells. Her E should also satisfy the Naughty or Nice challenge by having different effects depending on ally or enemy cast. I'm hoping this dual cast ability remains thematically consistent and easily understood by a player.
Big Old Sack Challenge: While maybe not an ammo system in the traditional sense of a projectile or droppable object (ie Teemo's Shrooms), I think Roxy's use of empty beer bottle charges as the spell cost and ammo of her Q works both thematically and mechanically for a melee champion and satisfied the challenge for an ammo system. Roxy can also toss these broken beer bottles to allied champions to empower their next ability with a bleed. Stacks of Empty Beer Bottles also increase Roxy's movespeed per stack.

On a side note, I tried to make Roxy's place in the League believable and consistent with Riot's own official lore. I've tied Roxy's lore to Gragas' existing lore about Gragas living on the outskirts of Noxus and generally being a terror to Noxian bar owners. Plus, Roxy would be the first true Noxus support!

Roxy, the Scrappy Barkeep

Role: AP Bruiser, Support, Tank
Attack Range: Melee
Weapon: Fists, Broken Bottles
Age: Mid 30s

Week One: Abilities


Passive (Innate): Liquid Courage – Roxy’s presence on the battlefield inspires her allies. Allies gain 2/4/6/8/10/12% attack speed for 3 seconds every time they are affected by one of Roxy’s abilities.

Q: Bar Room Blitz
Range: 850
Cooldown: 1 second
Cost: 30 mana

Passive: In preparation for a fight, Roxy rounds up 1 empty bottle charge every 24/20/16/12/8 seconds (affected by CDR). Roxy can store 3 charges at a time. Each stack of empty bottles grants Roxy +4/6/8/10/12 movespeed. (Empty Bottle stacks are used to activate Roxy's Bar Room Blitz).

Active: Roxy arms an ally with broken bottles, empowering their next basic attack within 5 seconds to cause the enemy target to bleed for 60/90/120/150/160 (+70% AP) magic damage over 3 seconds and applies Intoxication. Intoxication lasts 6 seconds, stacks up to 5 times and increases damage taken from basic attacks by all sources by 2/3/4/5/6% per stack.

W: Lend an Ear
Range: 925
Channel:1.5 seconds
Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12 seconds
Cost: 70/85/100/115/130 mana

Active: Roxy singles out a champion in need of her attention and unsolicited opinion. After a short delay, Roxy charges toward the target champion. If the first champion Roxy collides with is an enemy, that champion will take 75/110/145/190/225 (+40% AP) magic damage and have their movement speed slowed by 25% for 2 seconds. Enemies affected by Roxy's bleed effect will instead be stunned for the duration. If Roxy’s charge kills the target, the cooldown is refreshed. This ability cannot pass through terrain.

E: Another Round
Range: 425
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana

[On Ally Cast] Roxy ensures her allies are ready for the next fight, granting a nearby ally 12/18/24/30/36% increased armor and magic resist and +35 Tenacity (stacks with built Tenacity) for 3 seconds.

[On Enemy Cast] Roxy challenges an enemy near her to another round of brawling, causing 70/105/140/175/210 (+40% AP) magic damage. Enemies affected by Roxy’s bleed will also be feared for 1.5 seconds.

R: Last Call
Throw Range: 1100
Knockback Range: 550
Cooldown: 160/125/90 seconds
Cost: 100/150/200 mana

Active: Roxy announces closing time and beings to kick out the rabble rousers. Roxy summons her bar enforcer to her side for 15 seconds. If Roxy's enforcer catches an enemy rabble rouser, he suppresses the enemy for 2/2.5/3 seconds. At any time during the suppression, Roxy can activate her ultimate again to direct her enforcer to throw the suppressed enemy at a target location. If the thrown champion makes contact with other enemy champions, the collision causes enemies in the path of the thrown enemy to be knocked back and take 175/275/375 (+70% AP) magic damage. Collision damage is split among all enemies that are knocked back. Roxy's enforcer can only be used to suppress one champion.

Week Two: Lore


When Roxy purchased a hole-in-the-wall bar in a dark and dirty alleyway in Noxus, she never could have imagined that her establishment would attract such an unsavory clientele. A popular haunt for every kind of criminal and malcontent, Roxy's Bar soon became a hotbed of violence and illegal activity. With fights among the drunken patrons now a regular occurrence, Roxy quickly learned to keep the peace, by whatever means necessary. When Roxy isn't lending a sympathetic ear to a customer's woes or rewarding the well-behaved with free booze, she's using her highly persuasive fists to end fights before they start or helping her hired enforcer to throw the unruly out on the streets. Over time, Roxy developed a reputation among her customers of being an incredibly generous barkeep to her favorites and an extremely capable brawler to those that cross her.

Roxy knew little of the League until the night Gragas stumbled into her bar in a drunken rage. As Gragas overturned tables and guzzled down ale that was not his, Roxy's more loyal and foolish patrons threw themselves at the intoxicated behemoth in hopes of halting his rampage. When it became clear that Gragas would not leave peacefully, Roxy slowly put down her bar towel, reached for a few empty beer bottles, and silently hopped over the bar. Knowing from personal experience what would happen next, those customers still in the bar hastily poured out into the streets through whatever route was available, leaving Roxy and Gragas alone in the bar to settle the score. As the dust settled from their chaotic brawl, Roxy picked herself up off the floor, worked her shoulder back into its socket, and wiped the blood from her mouth. With her bar lying in ruins around her, Roxy and her enforcer picked the unconscious Gragas up from the floor and flung him out what was left of the front door. As Roxy slowly turned back to survey the damage to the seedy little bar that she and her patrons had come to call home, she resolved herself to rebuild, no matter the cost. Word quickly spread throughout Valoran that the formidable Gragas had been defeated by an unknown Noxian citizen, and Noxian officials approached Roxy with a proposal: If Roxy agreed to represent Noxus in the League and fight alongside its other champions, anonymous donors would ensure she earned the funds necessary to reopen her bar. As a champion of the League, Roxy exhibits the same control and strength in battle that she exercised as a bartender, happily rewarding those who have proven their loyalty and happily punishing those who have earned her wrath. Though rumors have spread that Roxy has earned more than enough to rebuild her bar, she shows no sign of slowing her involvement in the League.

“Take a look at me. I fear no man. Now Roxy's a different story...” - Gragas, the Rabble Rouser


Roxy is tough-as-nails and has the scars to prove it. Her jet black hair is cut short to avoid hair pulling in bar fights, and her arms and chest are covered in tattoos. Her clothing is dark and form fitting, with tarnished steel armor and taught leather protecting her vital areas. Roxy wears brass knuckles and heavy leather boots made for ass-kickin’. Her enforcer is bald and built for bruisin’. He sports a goatee and wears shades, even at night.

Voice Emotes

Upon Selection

“What are ya drinkin' friend?”


“I'm cuttin' you off!”

“Order up!”

“This one's on me!”

“Sit down and shut up!”

“I'll put this on your tab.”

“Pay up!”

“I'll serve 'em, you slurp 'em.”


“Liquor is quicker!”

“Let's take this outside!”

“I always go down smooth.”

“I'll be with you in a moment.”

“I'll keep them coming.”

“Sorry for your wait.”

“Don't make me come over this bar!”

Upon Last Call Activation

“Have you met my friend?”

Upon Throw 'em Out! Activation

“Get this lowlife outta my bar!”


“Looks like you've had one too many...how 'bout another round?”

“We don’t serve your kind here!”


“You're either drunk or stupid. My money’s on both.”

“There are 99 bottles up there on that wall...take one down, pass it around and I’ll kill you!”

Possible Skin Ideas

- Vandal Roxy (Thematically similar to Vandal Gragas, Vandal Twitch, and Vandal Brand)
- Tavernwench Roxy (Probably an Oktoberfest style skin, lederhosen and all)
- Mixologist Roxy (A hipster Roxy, complete with horn-rimmed glasses and knit hat)
- Cowboy Roxy (Thematically similar to the Coyote Ugly bartender motif)
- Moonshiner Roxy (Thematically similar to Hillbilly Gragas skin)

Week Three: Statistics

Statistics (Ranges, Cooldowns, and Costs included in Abilities section)

Attack Damage: Low
Ability Damage: Medium
Defense: High
Difficulty: Medium

Health: 475 (+85)
Health Regen: 8.5 (+.75)
Mana: 260 (+45)
Mana Regen: 5.5 (+.85)
Range: 125
Attack Damage: 59 (+3.2)
Attack Speed: .625 (+2.54%)
Armor: 17 (+3)
Magic Resist: 30 (+1.25)
Move Speed: 330


- Passive: changed from Another Round to Liquid Courage. Liquid Courage now grants attack speed to allied champions affected by her spells. Empty bottle generation mechanic moved to Q as a passive.
- Bar Room Blitz: Physical damage increase removed. Q now generates empty bottle charges on a timer. Additional applications of the bleed effect now stack 5 times rather than increase duration. Damage numbers altered and lowered to reflect the mechanics change.
- Lend an Ear: Roxy now dashes to a nearby targeted champion on activation. Enemy champion targets no longer lose armor and magic resist, but instead have their attack speed lowered.
- On the House/Close the Tab: Allied cast no longer gives bonus mana replenishment, but instead heals the buffed allied champ for a portion of damage dealt by their free spell. Enemy Cast bleed effect bonus fear increased to 1.5 seconds from 1 second.
- Closing Time/Throw 'em Out!: No longer grants bonus attack speed. No longer maxes Roxy's bottle supply.

- Bar Room Blitz: Empty Bottle charge timer numbers adjusted. Now, at 5 stacks of Roxy's bleed, enemy champs are inflicted with Grievous Wounds 50% healing reduction for the duration of the bleed. Stacks grant movespeed rather than mana regen.
- Lend an Ear: Allied effects deleted. Roxy's dash now occurs after a short cast time. Damage added, attack speed slow removed and replaced by armor and magic resist reduction. Stun removed and slow moved to Bleed bonus effect. Roxy can now dash again within a short time frame at the cost of increased cd and mana cost.
- On the House/Close the Tab: Removed. Replaced by Another Round.
- Last Call: Damage increased per skill-up to 175/275/375.

- Bar Room Blitz: Bleed effect no longer stacks. Instead, bleed effect places Intoxication debuff on target, increasing damage taken from basic attacks. Bleed effect damage numbers increased to address loss of stacking.
- Lend an Ear: Roxy can use this ability on any target champion. This skill can no longer pass through map terrain, turrets, or player-created terrain. If an enemy is struck, damage is dealt and the enemy is slowed. Bleed bonus effect reverted to target stun. Cooldown now refreshes if the first champion struck dies. Empty bottle stack generation removed.
-Another Round: Ally cast now increases armor and magic resist rather than granting bonus mana. Enemy cast damage numbers altered. Empty bottle stack generation removed.

-Bar Room Blitz: Passive Empty bottle stack generation timers reduced to account for removal of stack generation effects on Roxy's W and E. Active AP coefficient increased to +70% from +40%.
-Another Round: Armor and MR % bonus increased. AP spell coefficient lowered to +40% from +60%.
-Last Call: AP spell coefficient increased to +70% from +60%

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HAHAHAHAHA. Awesome idea, margnik XD

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Patrona, the Charitable Guardian
Patrona is meant to be a support mage that brings a lot of utility to a team composition. I will add stats, lore, etc in time. She is best when her benevolessence stacks are full so that she can use her utility to the team's advantage.

Patrona was only 16 years old when she signed up to become a Demacian summoner. She was very interested in the arcane arts, and wanted to test her knowledge on the battlefield. Her parents did not support this idea, however, her family was poor, and she needed the extra money to put food on the table and support her sickly parents. Her younger brother, Noren, who was only 14, needed to join the Demacian military as well. Patrona was very opposed to Noren joining the military at such a young age. She couldn't think of the horrible things that might do him harm. However, they barely had any money to go around, and there was no choice.

Just 5 days after the two of them joined, small skimishes between Demacia and Noxus broke out into heavy fighting. This was the beginning of the Second Rune War. Just as Patrona feared, she and Noren were deployed immediately to the fighting front. The battle was bloody, and the Demacian forces were being pushed back. As the front line was being pushed back, Noren was left out in the open, defenseless. Patrona screamed as Noxian soldiers started to charge at Noren. She pushed her brother back, taking a fatal stab to the chest to save Noren's life. Patrona now roams the spirit world, protecting and saving other people's lives, just as she did for Noren. Her motivation for helping other people comes from her poor background, but most importantly, the sacrifice she made for her brother made her realize how important helping other people was. To this day, if someone survives a near death situation, they have Patrona to thank.

"Many ask why I am so protective and kind. I died protecting someone I loved. Why shouldn't everyone recieve that patronage?" -Patrona


Health: 375 (+70)
Health Regen: 4.0 (+0.6)
Mana: 300 (+65)
Mana Regen: 6.5 (+0.5)
Range: 425
Attack Damage: 47 (+3)
Attack Speed: 0.625 (+2.6%)
Armor: 10 (+3.5)
Magic Resist: 30
Movement Speed: 350


Passive: Benevolessence
Every time an ally casts a friendly spell on another ally (such as buffs, shields, heals, etc. Also includes Patrona), Patrona is given 1 stack of Benevolessence (max 5). These will passively increase the effectiveness of her non ultimate abilities. In addition, at 5 stacks, when a non-ultimate ability is used, the stacks will be consumed and an additional effect will take place.

Q: Mark of Protectors
On ally cast: Gives the target a shield that blocks 80/90/100/110/120 (+0.8% AP) incoming damage for 5 seconds.
Benevolessence boost: Increases damage shielded by 15/30/45/60/75 (+0.3% AP) for each stack.
Full stack activate: Gives target 6/8/10/12/14 (+0.2%) increased attack damage and ability power.

On enemy cast: Deals 50/75/100/125/150 (+0.6% AP)magic damage to the target. In addition, a mark is placed on the target that lasts 3 seconds. If an ally lands a non aoe skill on the marked target (targetable and skillshots included), they are stunned.
Benevolessence boost: Increases damage dealt by 20/30/40/50/60 (+0.2% AP) for each stack.
Full stack activate: Target is stunned automatically

Mana: 100/110/120/130/140
CD: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds
Range: 675

W: Forgiveness
Removes any non hard cc (will not remove stuns, taunts, or knockups) from the target ally (can be cast on self). Also gives 4%/6%/8%/10%/12% extra movement speed
Benevolessence boost: Increases movement speed boost by 1%/2%/3%/4%/5% for each stack.
Full stack activate: Removes any type of cc (hard and soft)

Mana: 130/120/110/100/90
CD: 25/23/21/19/17 seconds
Range: 750

E: Beacon of Hope
Shoots a beacon of bright light in a straight line that deals 50/75/100/125/150 (+0.5% AP) magic damage and slows any enemies by 20%/22%/24%/26%/28% hit by it.
Benevolessence boost: Increases slow value by 1%/3%/5%/7%/9% for each stack
Full stack activate: Reduces healing on targets hit by 50%

Mana: 80/100/120/140/160
CD: 10 seconds
Range: 850

R: Charity Well
Creates a well of well doing (nyuk nyuk nyuk) and benevolence at the target location. This will not block movement. Any allies who click on it receive 100/200/300 (+0.8% AP) health and 100/200/300 (+0.8% AP) mana, and get 45/60/75 (+0.5% AP)increased health and mana regen per 5 seconds for 15 seconds. The well has 5 charges, and allies can only recieve the boost once. The well remains on the field for 30 seconds or until all 5 charges are gone.

Mana: 250
CD: 160/150/140 seconds
Must by 200 away from the well to gain boost.

Feel free to suggest any changes to this concept, as I am really bad with numbers and the like :P

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Lots of updating done on Celia, the Master Thief. Lore, new ability, appearance, and a judgement were added.

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margnik, just took a look at your champion here and for some reason I got the feeling that my champ would have probably met yours somewhere along the way. I would like to use her in my lore, but wanted to get your permission first. (My champ is Father Beneson on pg 1 btw)

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The Red Goat

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Hi, if someone would please post about whether my champion is completely legal or not. I am unsure as there is no post regarding mine at all. Thank you for your time.

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Wishes are legal

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Moby the White:
also i didnt really like your judging scale but who am i to 'judge'

what part do you not like?